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  1. Now the colds days are here my gen2 prius engine stays on for lot longer,last year I blocked the top half grill,and thinking of doing it again.dont know if it makes much difference it could be psychological that it makes you feel bit more warmer than without blocking.your opinions would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Mep How long have you had your pip,and how does it compare to gen2 and gen3 could be my next choice.
  3. gen2


    Thanks everyone For your very informative replies which put my mind at ease still I am not happy with how I was treated there. Anyway I forgot I have a vantage Toyota loyalty card,do I get any discount on that,I am not sure if I am entitled to any discount.
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    It was full service but I tried to negotiate intermediate service since I wanted to change the spark plugs myself.
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    Good evening fellow members, Need some advice on how to make a complaint against vantage Toyota Solihull for poor and lacking in any courtesy towards its customer. I took my 08 Prius there for a service and mot for the 60 k service,and ended up having all the hassles and feeling of getting ripped off. Anyone used the dealer from here would appreciate their comment. My total bill for front brakes including disk and pads £229 which I thought fair but out of total bill of £531 rest for mot and service charge which was basically oil and filter and spark plug change which didn't want. After I took car home checked the oil level and found it was over the Maximum level,took it back and they reduced it and commented it wasn't much over! Your thoughts would be appreciated Thanks
  6. hi everyone, I bought my 2008 gen2 prius two years complaint except first thing I noticed and very disappointed with very poor quality of headlight brightness or lack of it with standard halogen my first job was to replace them with osram nightbreaker.they made a noticeable improvement.but sadly very short life for the price of I am now considering going to the hid bulbs and hence need some advice from you. many thanks
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    Gen2 Tyre Size

    need some help and advlce concerning tyre spec for gen2,2008 t spirit. I have different opinions,regarding 195/55/16 standard against 205/55/16 I am told you can't interchange them,but I would like to if anyone here has changed their gen2 from standard ones,and if so has it altered the handling and ride of the car. many thanks
  8. I want to do the transmission fluid change myself,where can I get the ATF WS,oil from. thanks
  9. I was thinking of buying Dunlop blueresponse,but ended up buying Yokohama c2 drive.I would like to ask you is what was your tyre spec especially speed rating is it H or V.mine I bought is 195/55/16r/H
  10. my original tyres were 195/55/16/V. I went to tyre place to change them,the fitter took the tyre reading and went to get the new tyres,he fitted the tyres and I paid him.its Saturday and I went around closing time,I drive the car out and stopped to check the tyre spec,when I read the speed number didn't match the normal spec, I thought this is not right, I went back to the garage but it was closed.won't be open till Monday.well its his mistake he should have kept the same spec.
  11. just to say that finally got myself a new set of gen2 tyres,after lot of searching and reading posts on forum old tyres were Michelle's energy saver on front and Bridgestone e30 on rear,size,195/55/16/v rated for speed. my new tyres are Yokohama,195/55/16 h rated for speed.the change of speed rating has made the ride more softer but it seems the stiffness in handling has gone down slightly.I must say I liked the old taught handling,so it seems sacrificed handling for softer ride.has anyone experienced this and wot are the normal prius gen 2 tyre spec relating to speed. thanks all
  12. I'm also looking for new tyres for my gen2 prius,I'm not sure which one to go for,I am contemplating either Dunlop blue response or goodyear efficient grip performance.Yokohama c drive and nokian seems to have good reviews.what I am looking for is first low tyre noise and comfortable ride,as the prius has hard ride so any opinions very welcome. thanks
  13. hi chris, welcome to the forum like you I did lot of reading and help from forum members in choosing my first hybrid gen2 prius t spirit lovely car hope you will enjoy yours too
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    Spark Plugs

    thanks for reply surv1vor, I think you can now get long life plugs bit expensive,I'm going to take one out and see what's it like
  15. gen2

    Spark Plugs

    hi guys, need some advice concerning spark plugs on my 2008 prius gen2. on my last service at 40k with Toyota desperately plugs were not touched,I queried as to why plugs were not changed.the dealer replied not due till 60k that right,I'm thinking of checking them myself and hence how easy is it to take them out and give them a clean. my tyres are coming to an end so need some help in choosing please,I'm thinking of trying out dunlop blueresponse, thanks in advance.