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  1. Well I guess that I have been really lucky to pick up an AWD diesel life version first registered end April 2013. 1000 miles on the clock, in perfect condition, and the company car of one of the Toyota Dealer commercial guys. Saw my first Urban Cruiser only this July; wanted one immediately and was gutted when I found out that the car was no longer sold in Europe. Had been looking ever since for a very low mileage model. So here i am delighted. Despite the critics, it is exactly what I wanted, and I still go all gooey when I see it first thing in the morning. For me i wanted an original compact AWD vehicle capable of handling the mountain snow (I live in Cannes, nearest ski resort is 90 minutes away) with ease, economical, comfortable, large enough for a family of 3, and a turbo diesel engine. The UC AWD fits all these criteria, and in addition has superb road holding. Absolutely delighted, and a photograph of it in my album for anyone interested... :D Tom
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