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  1. Congratulation on the new car. See the following link for Warranty and Maintenance Guides https://www.toyota.com/owners/resources/owners-manuals/corolla/2003 Good luck!
  2. @en8wall69 thank you for the update. Hope this will solve your problem. How many kilos or miles has your car already done?
  3. @Heidfirst, I had an MMT 2008 corolla that I sold earlier last month. I will update my info. Thank you @Heidfirst and @en8wall69
  4. dirarko

    spark plugs

    Found this on AutoLite website, so it seems OK to use them: https://www.autolite.com/parts-finder/?ref=NoIgxg9gtgDgpgFwJYIgJxAGhAZQMIBMADABIBKAjBVgHYCuANg5vUy4865x+0wLpA
  5. I was wondering if the oil will be changed in the maintenance service, but Toyota's dealership told me that they stop changing transmission oil. Any idea how often the oil needs to be changed? Thanks
  6. dirarko

    spark plugs

    Hello, I have 2016 Corolla, is it safe to use the Autolite Iridium xp instead of Denso long life? Will they be durable as the Denso? Thanks
  7. Thank you @FROSTYBALLS. The corolla will be petrol
  8. Hello, I currently own a 2008 Corolla, it's a great car. But the MMT gearbox is not reliable at all. While it's working, everything is perfect, but it can suddenly break without any previous warnings. Anyway, I am upgrading the car to a 2015 model Toyota, and I haven't decided whether to get The Auris 2015 station Hybrid or Corolla 2015. Any advice? Thanks
  9. More useful documents on how to fix the MMT clutch actuator: developer.ps/data/INF12215_GB.PDF & developer.ps/data/Toyota Clutch grease TSB.pdf
  10. Hello all, No response from Toyota whatsoever. The problem just happened to me again this morning. I was unable to drive the car, luckily I had my laptop and a VCI connector. Connected the car to Toyota TechStream, and saw the attached error details. I then reinitialized the clutch position and was finally able to drive. The fact that this is happening while I was driving the car is very scary and that's why I decided to sell my beloved corolla as parts. Too bad I really like this car COROLLA_1ZRFE _22-11-2018 080223.TSE ErrorReport_COROLLA_1ZRFE _22-11-2018 080223.TSE
  11. I did so, I also mentioned that I am doing the maintenance outside of toyota's dealerships, and some parts are aftermarket or used. They didn't reply yet, but there is chance they will blame this on aftermarket parts. Though the faulty part is original Toyota part
  12. No, outside of the UK. I tried with the dealership but they denied to take any responsibility. We don't have any equivalent organization to DVSA. I was thinking to report this issue directly to Toyota but didn't know where to do so.
  13. Yes, happened once with me, and once with my wife.But lucky we were driving in the city in a very low speed.
  14. Can this be done as in here: (link to youtube)
  15. Hello Roks, This is why I am asking. Also when installing new injectors, it seems you don't need to do any extra step other than taking off the old ones and reinstalling new ones. I know we can use injector cleaners, but it seems taking them off is more effective