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  1. That was probably written in the 70s when we had Granada's and Zephyrs....if anyone remembers them !!! Cars like that were pretty long and the back ends swung round. Can't see a Aygo doing that and if it does, the driver was driving too fast round a corner !!!
  2. That's what I did with my daughter's Aygo as soon as I bought it. I put two new Yokohama Blue Earth's on the front and intend replacing the rear two new budget ones which came with it as soon as I get round to it with the same Yokohama's. In regards to what is the best brand, nobody and I mean nobody has the correct answer, because when it comes to tyres, they are down to the individual driver and what they prefer. Best thing to do when it comes to tyres, do as you have done, ask for input from the forum members, then do your own research on reviews and then make your decision.
  3. BobbyMcLeish

    Moving Off

    I've just bought one for my daughter and test drove a few and read some threads about it on this forum, as I thought there was something wrong, but apparently, this is just what they are like, apparently, it puts some people off buying one. I had to explain to my daughter that it's not her driving technique, it's the Aygo.
  4. Thanks, that's why I have stated 2018, hopefully that should cover it. There is one on eBay with a part number for £35, but it just states 2014 onwards mark 2. Could be any year !!
  5. I have sent a request out using one of those UK Breakers Yard Parts Finder websites and stated it must be a reverse camera from a Toyota Aygo 2018 onwards and hopefully will ensure it has the guidelines in the camera.
  7. ....and yes, stay clear of the Chinese ones, however, Pumpkin and Xtrons have came a long way and are the better of the Chinese ones. Just do your research, should you go down that route.
  8. I just had a quick check on eBay for Pioneer double din with Android auto etc, there are loads to chose from, Pioneer, Kenwood Alpine etc. Check item number below for example. You'll get more for your money buying a used one, but you take your chances !!! 372636314453
  9. If you have £200 to blow, definitely aftermarket 👍, however, not sure what you will get for that price. Shop around, there's plenty to chose from. If you had a TOC Halfords discount card, you'd immediately get 15% off !!
  10. If you do end up breaking up the items, could I have first dibs on the tools and insert ? Thanks.
  11. Bloody hell.....crap timing for me, I've just bought a space saver, a genuine Aygo boot liner and yesterday just ordered a full set of genuine Toyota rubber mats 🥺🥺🥺
  12. If they are Toyota dealer fitted sensors and they are different from what the manual states, I'd go back to the dealer and have the settings changed. I suppose the previous owner may have had them set like that, as that's what they may have preferred. Should be a easy fix, as long as they can find the sensors control box. Just don't let the dealer palm you off after you have spent all that money buying a car from them.
  13. As I'm getting more familiar with the Aygo, now that one has joined our family, if I ever decide to get one for myself, it will have to be a automatic. From what year onwards did Toyota change the automatic gearbox to a better one....or haven't they and they are all the same ? I've came across a few threads here and elsewhere and the auto gearbox is always mentioned.
  14. Knowing what Toyota main dealer parts prices are like. I bet you could find them on ebay. There are loads of breaking Aygos.
  15. I'm not in my daughter's Aygo, so can't say exactly where to find the built in sat nav option. But just go through all the touchscreen menus until you see the Sat Nav one, find it, press it, if it goes into maps, then you have them, if it does nothing, you don't. Also open the glove box and at the rear top left, there should be a green light on and a little opening with a sliding door which holds the SD card for the maps. In regards to Mirrorlink, I've tried a few things to get this working using my android Pixel 4 with no luck. I'm going to have another fiddle with it when I have time, but remember, not all mobile phones support Mirrorlink.