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  1. Mine came weeks months ago and are great, can see every switch at night. I did all 4 doors on my 4.3. I'm still looking for the illuminated version of the mirror control on the centre console.
  2. Forgot my profile is my car ..sorry. Funnily enough, that's the exact same YouTube clip I found, I should have done that before....but if we all do that, we would never talk to each other 🙂 And it's a 2014. Thanks
  3. This has come on after I had two new tyres fitted to my daughter's Aygo. Is there a reset I need to do after a tyre change ? Thanks
  4. Just checked and my daughter said the light is now out and the car still starts, so I assume that light in the boot has a time out function !!
  5. Thought so, I don't think she is up to popping the housing out and taking the bulb out !!! She's only doing it for a hour or so, so hopefully no flat battery call out for me later. It would have cost pennies for Toyota to include a wee switch !!! I may put one in myself when I totally bored !!
  6. Ok, my daughter has gone to meet her friends in her Aygo. They form a circle with all the rear of the cars pointing inwards and all sit in their boots and chat. Before my daughter left, I told her to make sure the interior light and the inside boot courtesy lights are off. She has switched the courtesy light inside the car off, but has sent me a photo and the light in the boot is still on and there is no on off switch like most cars !!! Can this be turned off without popping it out and taking the bulb out ? I guess I may get a call in a couple of hours with a car with a flat battery !!
  7. When I had my head unit changed for a Kenwood unit with Android Auto, DAB etc, I went through two so called excellent windscreen DAB aeriels, even the Kenwood own brand and they where totally useless. My research took me to web site dabonwheels and bought the shark fin dab aeriel below. In this case, when dealing with DAB, you get what you pay for. This one works a treat and looks good on the car.
  8. At least get some wet and dry sandpaper and get rid of that rust, apply a few coats of primer and get a touch up brush from Halfords . If you leave it, the rust will just get worse.
  9. No, mine is the 4.3 with no spare on rear door. Far too much hassle and expense to go down the route you suggest. I'll stick with my 18" space saver sitting in the boot. Cheers.
  10. I'd love to make my 4.3 a bit more of a smoother ride. I looked into it a few years ago and the honest answer from suspension/shocks/spring specialists, was, I could spend a lot of money and not notice much difference, so I abandoned the idea. I can't believe that the ride could not be better by upgrading the shocks and springs, but I guess it may affect the handling !!!
  11. Something for me to look forward to should I ever upgrade from my 4.3 !!!
  12. There's no way a spare or space saver fits in the boot well once you lift up the floor compartments in the boot !!! Certainly not in a Rav 4.3 !!!
  13. Mine came on the other day, sometimes this can be serious and most times (in my opinion, it's just the car throwing a wobbly and having a bad day). I cleared mine with a normal OBD reader and it's never came on again. Obviously it's very wise, if you clear it and it keeps coming on, then you do probably have a issue and it should be looked at.
  14. What I have found out since Googling more about it, these codes are like a type of higher error code and I should have scrolled down to the error code and hit enter and then I should have seen the usual P codes. I should have known this, as I have used the OBD before and any other time it showed the usual P codes, not sure why this happened this time, as I'm using the same OBD reader and the same Rav. Anyway, I've cleared them and the warning lights are now off. If they come back, I'll be careful to read the codes properly. I'm not sure it's a good or bad thing if they don't come back on !!! But I'm assuming, if there is a genuine issue, the warning lights will come back on. Thanks Bobby