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  1. Yes, I'm also looking at that. There are various products like flexi plastic filler for bumpers etc. I did do my apprenticeship as a car body repair and paintsprayer, albeit it many many years ago, but I am pretty good with practical hands on jobs. So I do have various options. Thanks.
  2. I intend to smooth it out with some fine wet and dry and buff it up, whilst I keep looking at breaker yards for a possible replacement. Not much I can do about it being indented, apart from noticing it every time I wash the car.
  3. You are all trying to convince me and are doing a good job, I guess I'll have to blame my wife, as she is the only other driver 😃
  4. I always reverse park and think ahead and make it easier to drive out. I reckon this was done by one of the many people who park facing in to a space and then still struggle to reverse out, blindly into traffic. The direction of the scrape/grooves indicates to me that someone was reversing out and has no clue as to how the front of your car reacts when turning the steering wheel !! If this was the case, the side step did its job and protected my car !!
  5. I would normally agree, but my wife and I take ages to park our car and if there is no suitable safe parking, we just drive on. I just can't imagine us parking or driving that close to a low level wall never mind not notice whilst it's happening !! Anyway, the damage is done, the job now is to get my hands on a replacement passenger side step from a SR. Cheers.
  6. Yes, it's happened, damage to the Rav and they drove off. I only noticed it the other day when washing the car. It's along the side but mainly underneath the passenger side step. Damage is mainly to the black plastic under the silver plate that's on the side step. Slight dent on metal plate. The plan is to find someone breaking a SR Rav, preferably with damage to the other side, so they will be happy to just sell me one side. So if anyone happens to see some for sale or a SR being broken up for parts, please let me know. There is one on eBay, but he does not have the running board
  7. A Google search brought this up, not sure if it will help. https://www.approvedgarages.co.uk/mot-servicing-and-repairs/car-brands/toyota/darlington/
  8. Thanks for that, didn't know that. Pointless removing the camera to see part number, because it must be the base model then, as I know my way around most UI systems and there is definitely nothing in the settings. Beats me (apart from money), why Toyota would do one camera with and one without guidelines, it's no wonder why car dealer parts people are always scratching their heads !!! They just make it hard for themselves.
  9. When I upgraded my daughter's 2014 Aygos stereo unit to the latest Carplay/Android auto headunit with the 3 knobs in the front, I was expecting it to have the guidelines, but it doesn't. I have heard that people do have the guidelines, so I guess it's in the settings menu which I can't find or they added (or took away) the guidelines in earlier or later stereo head units.
  10. The 2020 stereo version that flash22 mentions on eBay is WAY WAY overpriced. I got mine from a breaker out of a 2019 Aygo for about £250, which based on my research and waiting for one to come up, is about the going rate for these units.
  11. Its totally up to the individual and what budget you have. If you are not bothered about good resale value and you plan on keeping it, then a good reliable independent garage is fine. However, Frostballs mention of the Toyota 5+ Club is well worth a look, it's not as expensive as you would think.
  12. I had the exact same issue on my two rear tyres. I had Toyota and a independent check alignment, geometry etc and they both found nothing wrong. Uneven wear on both tyres were almost identical, especially in the middle tread area. I did not visibly notice this, I became aware of a possible issue because I started to hear a noise from the rear of the car. I had both tyres replaced by Toyota (tyre match promise) and the noise immediately went. Nobody could really explain this, so I'm going to monitor this in future.
  13. My daughter hasn't bothered with that function, but I rember reading that you have to specifically pair your phone properly for that to work. If you search the forum, I'm certain someone posted the full user manual
  14. Gregg5886, if you PM me, I'll give you the phone number of the guy I bought mine from, he breaks Aygos all the time.
  15. My MK2 headunit cost the same as the price of that Sony unit. They are out there, if you are persistent. In regards to Sony, I've had a £100 one in my other car for about 10 years and it's never gone wrong.
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