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  1. I used a company called John Klies in Reading for the supply and install and they had REAL issues with trying to get the original Rav reverse camera to work with the new Kenwood head unit. They tried various cables etc, in the end I opted for the Kenwood camera, because they gave me a good deal. I suppose it will be more straight forward if you are buying a camera to fit a head unit, rather than the way we were trying it and trying to get it it work with the existing Rav camera. H Your comments are excellent, however, I stick by my guns on you get what you pay for (in this instance anyway). I just could not believe the difference in the new camera I got fitted......and most unbranded electronic items are the same as branded items at a inflated price !!!
  2. When I swapped my Rav head unit for a Kenwood unit, I stumped up the extra cash for the Kenwood reverse camera, just no comparison, it has a wider angled lens, so can see far more at the sides, it crystal clear, colours are far better, the parking guide lines are very useful and it's excellent at night. So my advice is, if you really rely on the camera as a tool rather than a gimmick, pay as much as you can. Just ensure you do your research and make sure it's compatible, because I'm talking from experience, there is loads of crap out there and you have to buy specific connector cables etc.
  3. I just typed in Sony XAV - AX100 reverse camera and there are loads of stuff on YouTube that pops up, so it looks like a popular unit. Based on that, I think you will find exactly what you need with a little on line research. I think you should have a look.
  4. No, but if you contact they will list everything you need for your car
  5. That's the Kenwood unit I have just had fitted. Excellent upgrade.
  6. If you do a wee search on the forum, you should find something I posted, as I have just replaced mine.
  7. Forget a diesel, because you do short, stop, start journeys. I just looked on Autotrader and there's a fair few three door petrol auto and manuals to chose from for the budget you mention. Unless you need the extra space etc, I don't see the point in you dragging a heavier five door option around and using more fuel !! Look for a tidy one with as much service history as possible. Good luck.
  8. They would put that in the same category as aftermarket tinted windows, I'd bet !!
  9. Would this unused Space Saver wheel fit my 2011 RAV4 ?
  10. Yep, I had this a few years ago and the Toyota technician took it for a forced regen on the motorway using the method mentioned above. Luckily for me it worked (on the return journey) or I would have been looking at a very expensive repair. Instead, I only got charged one hours labour. A diesel car with a dpf is a strict no no if you don't put in the mileage and or do lots of short journeys. I personally hate seeing the regen in progress and seeing the plume of smoke at the rear of the car and annoying the drivers behind me, but that's how it works. I still have my Rav, it's a great car , however, it's my final diesel no matter what make it is.
  11. Thanks for the quick response, always worth asking 😀
  12. I see Kingo is/was on this thread, hopefully he can confirm if this will fit my 2011 D-Cat Auto and if it is and it's all there and ready to plug in and go, I'll be interested. Thanks Bobby
  13. A bit late in on this, but is it still for sale ? I may give one of these another try !!
  14. Save yourself a fortune, keep your current car and buy one of these, we where one of the first to buy one when released. Yes, they do seem expensive, but compared to changing and buying a car, they are cheap. Solid as a rock as well, last forever and you will get most of your money back come sale time, as you never really see second hand ones for sale.
  15. Also, any helpful dealer will print off a copy of the cars service history, if you prove you are the owner.