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  1. Thanks for the quick response, always worth asking 😀
  2. I see Kingo is/was on this thread, hopefully he can confirm if this will fit my 2011 D-Cat Auto and if it is and it's all there and ready to plug in and go, I'll be interested. Thanks Bobby
  3. A bit late in on this, but is it still for sale ? I may give one of these another try !!
  4. Save yourself a fortune, keep your current car and buy one of these, we where one of the first to buy one when released. Yes, they do seem expensive, but compared to changing and buying a car, they are cheap. Solid as a rock as well, last forever and you will get most of your money back come sale time, as you never really see second hand ones for sale.
  5. Also, any helpful dealer will print off a copy of the cars service history, if you prove you are the owner.
  6. Just Google 2016 Toyota RAV4 running boards, loads pop up !!!
  7. Just play safe and avoid diesel altogether.
  8. I NEVER use that switch to turn my front sensors off, as I would forget to turn it on again until I hit something !!! Must admit that my Toyota front and rear sensors have never let me down in all the years I have owned this Rav, even in the rain, they are fine. Obviously thick snow stuck to them would interfere with them. I do notice sometimes when driving forward up a steep slope or similar when reversing they sometimes activate, but that's them only detecting the ground because it's steep. I'll always have front and rear sensors.
  9. Isn't a oil leak ( or any leak in fact)a MOT failure now ?
  10. I have only ever got anywhere near 30mpg (which is shocking) in my 2011 D-Cat Auto when on the motorway doing about 60 mph or a bit more. Doing that is just a hindrance to truckers etc and in my opinion is dangerous, especially if you happen to be one of those middle lane hoggers !!! I'm never getting another diesel ever again for various reasons, but I do like my Rav a lot and it's one of the longest periods that I have owned the same car. Shame I never had a magic wand to change it to petrol !!
  11. Look for the same spec, year, model, mileage and condition on Auto trader (Private and Trade), this will help you come up with a pretty spot on selling and trade in price.
  12. I had the official Toyota DAB interface installed in my 2011 Toyota RAV4 a few years back, as my system was DAB READY !!! It was not cheap, but worth it, as I get loads of Digital Stations, however in some locations it does cut out, but this only happens in remote areas (places where you might get a dodgy mobile phone signal). However, I have to say, when it was done by my local Toyota dealer (who are not DAB experts and just follow a install guide), the reception was awful and they just said it must be this area !!! (Thames Valley). So I took it to my local car entertainment specialist and they installed a powered windscreen DAB Aerial which is on the side top of my windscreen and once I got this done, there was a VAST difference in reception and station choice, cost about £100 and was well worth it, albeit, having this option enabled in my car was overall very expensive.
  13. I think most work the same, more or less just like you mention. I think people who have them have to take the time to educate themselves with the particular sensors in their car. When I bought my RAV4, I spent about 20 minutes with the salesman walking all round the car coming from various different angles, so that I ensured they worked properly. I also parked forwards and backwards etc. I know exactly what each and every beep means.....however, they are only a added tool, the key person in these scenarios is the driver, his eyes, ears and his feet when controlling the car 😁 You either trust them or not...if not, turn them off or get them disconnected.
  14. My RAV4 came with genuine front and rear sensors, which also has a on /off switch in the centre front console next to where the cigar outlet is and the heated seats switch. Came with a Toyota manual, so I know they are genuine Toyota. Again, it's a shame the did not come with at least a wee monitor for the front ones, if not the rear also. I bet if I knew the actual make and model of them, there is probably an outlet somewhere for a screen, as I have had sensors fitted in other cars and they nearly always come with a screen or at least is a option. (Something like the photo attached, can get even more discrete ones that are smaller) I must admit that my front and rear Toyota sensors have performed excellently and have never let me down and work well with the Toyota reversing camera.
  15. Mine also squeal when reversing 😀