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  1. Ok, I do get what the dealers provide, I am not disagreeing. However, there was ABSOLUTELY nothing except a fresh wash my Rav4 needed and it would have been put on their forecourt immediately. I still don't think that marking a car up by 100% is anywhere near a fair deal for someone trading in a great car. Anyway, we all have our opinions, it's now gone and forgotten 👍
  2. SOLD...and like my last Rav4 will soon be on its way to South Africa. FYI...it sold for £5150. WBAC offered £3k and Carwow advised me to post it for sale to dealers for £3750. Just goes to show you how much profit these dealers make. I reckon they would have put it on Autotrader for £6k -£7k.
  3. As this is still about PROTECTION, I'll keep it in this thread. Just wondering on what people's views are on alloy wheel protection. I'm looking at AlloyGator, good online reviews and videos on YouTube. My Toyota dealer is offering Tyre & Alloy Wheel Cover for 3 years for£459 (£12.75 per day) which includes 10 Refurbs and new tyres for Blow Out and Unrepairable punctures. I am VERY careful with my alloys, but as I'm getting a brand new car, it's got me thinking !!
  4. I'm also having that. Do they do the whole car ? Paintwork, glass, bumpers, plastic trim and door checks ? The first thing I'll be doing after it rains, is to check the car over and ensure all the car has been properly coated.
  5. That's why I'm expecting my Aygo X far sooner than 30th June.
  6. New expected delivery date of 30th June.
  7. It's still says In Transit. I went for the exclusive in chili red auto.
  8. Should be there now and I think I already have a buyer....if it's genuine. Not for the full £6k though !!
  9. Problems logging into my Autotrader account. They will be there soon 😂
  10. Excellent. I have never had a car this small (engine and size), just wondering what grade of fuel to use, obviously not supermarket fuel, but would you use normal unleaded or premium unleaded ?
  11. Well, I've done it😭, it's on Autotrader. Can you have a look and give me your opinions on it, especially the price, because I haven't a clue. http://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202205165754577?atmobcid=soc3
  12. Popped up to Dealers today to do a bit of research on Aygo X accessories. So here is what I found out.... Aygo X Scuff plates, two types, one with black background with red lettering and one with a sort of greyish background with black lettering, both £121.22 each and this is just for the front, no rear. Tried to add a photo, but errors out. Aygo X Spare Tyre Trunk Assembly, is £161.76, for everything except the actual space saver wheel, this is not currently showing on his parts list. But I'd add at LEAST another £100 for the wheel. Aygo X Back Seat Protection, could not provide a price, as this is not currently showing on the parts lists. Aygo Side Mouldings, could not provide a price, as this is not currently showing on the parts list. The parts guy was totally gobsmacked as to what I was showing him, as I printed off all the parts list numbers and he had not yet had them ! Anyway, he said, check back in a few weeks and hopefully, they will have prices. I just don't understand Toyota, because at the point of me placing my order, this is the point where they should be offering these accessories.
  13. It takes me about 15 minutes to find a suitable parking space away from everyone, because I'm very protective of my cars and still have had Muppets ding the side of my cars. So, if genuine side mouldings are available, they are going on 👍
  14. That's a real shame. To be honest, I'd rather the damage be on the black paintwork, rather than the Chili Red (or the main bodywork colour) !! Must be far easier to match. It was very honest of your dealer to inform you of this, I'm sure there are some that wouldn't have told you and just got it fixed !! I'll be popping up to the Toyota parts Dept soon to see if I can order some scuff plates and the side protection mouldings and more so, to find out more about the spare wheel option, however, if they do supply it to us UK punters, I'm sure it will be costly.
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