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  1. If the headunit doesn't have the three buttons, it won't have CP or AA.
  2. I'm still looking for the roof rails for my mark 3 2011 Rav, I'm seeing a lot earlier models being broken (the model with the spare on the rear door), are these roof rails compatible with mine ?
  3. I think that's a good price for new and genuine. Are they"easy" and straight forward to fit ? I'm tempted.
  4. I think you answered this question yourself. Get your vice and hammer out. You may be able to put it in the vice and gently apply pressure on the headrest part and bend the metal bars !! Worse scenario, is they could snap I suppose, so be sure to have a plan B back up.
  5. Have a fiddle in the settings on your head unit, it should be easy to find, as you will require this information to purchase the latest maps from the official Toyota maps update site that you have shown. There are some models that can be updated by a Toyota dealer as well. It would be handy to show a photo of your current head unit for more input.
  6. Replaced the black ones with white ones to match the rest of my daughters Aygo, excellent condition and just collecting dust. Any offer including shipping will be considered. Can also collect from RG7 Post code area.
  7. Order placed for the Philips White Visions from Power Bulbs. Thanks for people's input/advice.
  8. I have Goodyear Efficient Grip SUV 4x4 235/55 R18 all-round, so as you say 33 psi is probably ok, I just thought I'd check. Thanks
  9. Popped one of the bulbs out (see attached photos). I'm pretty sure I must have done some research on these or got a recommendation, hence me purchasing. But I'm still not happy with the results. So I'll be purchasing one of the recommendations from Frostyballs, can't be any worse than these.
  10. Thanks, I'll have a look. I'm just going to check which ones I put in when I bought it.
  11. Drove my daughter's 2014 Aygo last night in the dark and I was shocked at the headlight output. I did change them, but forget what I put in the car !! I do remember when I first bought the car, I did a search on the forum for advice, I have done this again a minute ago and the Toyota Optiwhites come up. From what I have read, the Toyota upgrade lights are basically Philips. Can someone give me a link to the correct ones from Euro Car Parts, as there is one up the road from me and will be cheaper than Toyota (I expect). Thanks
  12. What tyre pressure is best for my 2011 Rav4 ? It's the SR model with the 18" wheels. I currently have them 33 front and back. However, 80% of the time, it's just me and my wife with no rear passengers. Just interested in what is best ?
  13. I put the newer model stereo in my daughter's 2014 Aygo, taken from a 2018 Aygo I think. The result was full access to DAB, Carplay and Android Auto. It's a great upgrade. It was a straight plug and play swap and as far as I know, there is no coding. There are two variants with the stereo with the 3 buttons on the front. One comes with DAB and the other doesn't. If your current Aygo does not have DAB, then there's no need to go for the version with DAB, if you do, everything else will work fine except the DAB function. They do come up for sale on eBay when a Aygo is being broken do
  14. Are all the Alloy wheels on the RAV4 MK4 18" and are they a straight swap for the RAV4 MK3 ? (Bolt off, bolt on). I'm considering a small cosmetic change.
  15. Replacement side steps arrived today. I am gong to either replace just the damaged one or..... I have been talking to a company called Rhino Linings, who spray truck bed liners amongst other things and they have said that they can spray these and I'm thinking of doing this. Won't have to worry about the dreaded rust spots and them getting worse. What do you all think ?
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