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  1. Yes, the Auto CVT. I've been on a few uphills, but nothing very steep yet, but so far it was fine. Motorway driving is also fine. Once you are at your set speed, it's fine. However, when getting into the motorway from the slip road and also over taking, you just have to remember that it's going nowhere fast. But to be honest, that suits me fine. Like every car I've had. I pick my moment carefully to over take, so that I don't get in anyone's way, who has a much faster car than mine . Not sure if it's just me. But when I abide by the law and stick to 70mph, just about EVERY other vehicle is bombing passed and are clearly speeding and never a cop in sight to get these people !!
  2. Found out today that Direct Line will NOT insure my new Aygo X Auto, simply because only the manual option shows up on their system !! Shame, as I have been with them for years and have many other policies with them, so I have went with LV. During my search online on who to go with, SAGA popped up for over 50s 😀, so I entered my details (for a laugh) and they were a few quid short of £500..I can only assume, that they are taking the micky out of us over 50s. I have no endorsements, accidents etc and have maximum no claims bonus....they are having a laugh !!!
  3. That will be covered under warranty, let Toyota fix it.
  4. I have the mudguards. They are not massive, but will help and look good . You mention the rear seat protector, is that the set that covers the metal part of the rear seats ? If so, how much did they cost ?
  5. For sure, I (we) are enjoying it. Very economical, comfortable and plenty of toys to play with and super easy to drive. Takes a bit of getting used to driving a smaller car. It does have restricted viewing at the rear due to the wide pillars. But the rear view camera and all round parking sensors help a lot. I don't like the rear view camera guide lines. I'd prefer if the outer blue lines indicated the edge of the kerb, but the outer blue lines overlap the kerb on both sides, but I suppose I'll get used to it, but I'd prefer no guidelines at all in this particular case. I'm getting used to the colour, chili red which is not red at all, but luckily, I like the colour. The large 9" screen is great with Google Maps. Waiting for the car to be broken in properly and settle down, so I can get a better idea of mpg, currently showing 47mpg.
  6. I bought the below to plug into the cigarette lighter socket. It sits nice and flush and gives more options to charge various devices. USB C Car Charger Syncwire 30W PD&30W QC Smallest Fast USB Car Charger Adapter [Flush Fit] Metal LED Light Dual Port Cigarette Lighter Compatible with iPhone 13 12 Pro Max iPad Pro Google Pixel 6 Pro https://amzn.eu/d/jbwdiXT
  7. If you read back through my comments on this thread in regards to my cars progress. In my case, the journey from the factory in Eastern Europe to Toyota's Derby Distribution centre was FAR quicker than the journey from Toyota's Derby Distribution Centre to my Toyota Dealer in Reading!! So the wee diagram in myT showing your car's journey is a bit of a hit and miss. I actually saw my car at the dealers before they took off the outer protective film on the roof and bonnet etc and I did notice that the shipping document stuck on the inside of the windscreen had the word RAIL on it, so I assume it was on a train for part of the journey.
  8. USB A and also a good old cigarette lighter socket
  9. Yes, my exclusive has, but it's not very good. I've only had it a few days, I'll monitor it and see how it goes. Cheers
  10. But they advertise it as wireless charging in the UK. If it doesn't charge, then it's just a storage tray 🥺. And it has a button, press it, put your phone on it and it says charging, but doesn't 🥺
  11. Not sure If I fully understand that interesting thread ! Surely Toyota did not put a charging pad in their latest cars which are not really meant for charging (or at least charging at a decent rate) ? My phone connects wirelessly to everything in the car when it's in my pocket. And is there more charging power coming from the cigarette lighter output, than the USB port ?
  12. Cheers, but its not moving around. The charging pads in cars are specifically designed for that to not happen. I have checked that it's always charging. I probably just have to do a bit more digging as to what is going on. Hopefully it's something simple. However, if I can't find out what's happening, I'm going to disable the Toyota Smart Connect and just do the usual Bluetooth connection and forget about all the bits that I can do via the Toyota Smart Connect on my phone to the car remotely. Most of what it does, is just nice to have, but not essential. Thanks.
  13. I know it's early days with anyone who has actually got their hands on a Aygo X....but I could do with some feedback from others on charging phones either by cable or via the wireless pad. My Google Pixel 5 just does not charge quick enough, in fact when it's charging wirelessly, the battery % is decreasing. I do get that using Google Maps kills a phone, but even when using a usb cable, it's still not keeping up !! I'm not using Spotify, just DAB radio. I think it's a combination of Google Maps and the Toyota Smart Connect. Any others used the usb port or wireless charging pad in their new Aygo X ?
  14. To be honest, I know they are expensive, but the genuine Toyota ones are excellent quality and fit like a glove .
  15. I stumbled across on getting my Android phone to use Android Auto wirelessly, once my phone is paired with the car, I pressed the Projection button the the cars head unit and it works fine.
  16. Collected my Aygo X this morning. I'm still playing around with everything and is going to take a while to get used to a new sized car !! One thing I did overlook or not realise, is that it's only Apple Carplay that has wireless connection, Android Auto requires connection with cable...a real shame, but maybe a possible future software update !!. Not serious enough for me to change from Android to iPhone 🥺 The Supagard protection coating looks stunning in this sunshine. Not sure where I read , but I remember someone cancelling their order because the chili red colour is not red...I have to agree, it's more of a Goldy Bronzy Orangy colour, but I still like it. Time to get the Owners Handbook out and see what's what 👍
  17. Doesn't matter if it's a window mount one or a Sharks Fin roof mount, they all have to plug into the rear of the unit on the dash .
  18. If anyone is desperate, there's a ex demo Auto Exclusive on Autotrader with 10k miles, priced at £20k 🥺🥺...a great mark up for the Toyota dealer hoping to take advantage of some poor sod that can't wait. http://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202204124567670?atmobcid=soc3
  19. I'd talk to Toyota GB direct. Call or email them. Their customer relations email address is cr@toyota.co.uk and they are normally pretty good at responding.
  20. Surely that's covered by the Toyota 5 Year Warranty !!! I'd fight my corner on that, like a Scotsman with a fiver in his pocket 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🤣
  21. Try the link below, which has two window mounts listed. I've been through the DAB reception issue when I had a Kenwood Unit fitted to my Rav4. Tried a few window mounts, but finally opted for a £100 sharks fin DAB, which beat the window mounts by miles. However, just remember that it depends on the area(s) that you live and travel in, so you will NEVER get 100% reception. Just do a bit of research on Google and pick one that has the best reviews. https://yourcar.co.uk/best-dab-car-aerial/
  22. Got a call today, it's arrived at dealers, collect it on Tuesday 👍
  23. Ordered mine mid April, got a call from my local Toyota dealer telling me it's arrived, so collection on Tuesday. However, it did sit at the Toyota GB Distribution Centre in Derby for nearly a month. I have sent a email to Toyota GB "airing" my views on it. Got the usual rubbish about worldwide issues blah blah blah, however I highly assume my Aygo X was a finished car when it was sent to Derby, so a feeble excuse!!!
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