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  1. Hi to all, Having worked in the trade for a long time and having dealt with this clutch set up both in Toyota and Renault motors, when my Rav 4 clutch broke up I fitted a solid flywheel kit and have never had a problem since and that is over three years ago. Doug.
  2. Hi to all, Driving into town this morning a very strange noise started and changed as I increased speed or slowed down and I thought it might be something stuck in the brake pads, but it turned out to be the alternator which was totally incased in frozen snow. Which I must have pick up on the way home the night before and had frozen into place over night, and being so low down behind the engine it was right under my feet, but once parked for a while the ice had time to melt, problem solved. Doug.
  3. Hi to all, I have heard a noise like this before but not on a Toyota it was while I worked for Renault UK and it turned out to be a loose timing belt tensioner which had not been tightened onto the face of the engine block, and the reason it did not click or rattle all the time was because it was spring loaded and would settle down when a steady speed was reached. Doug.
  4. Hi Rambler, If it is a picture of the fuel temp sensor you are talking about all you need to take off in the engine bay is the top engine cover and the two ten mm nuts holding the expansion coolant contianer and the fuel temp sensor can be accessed with ease sitting on top of the high pressure pump. Doug.
  5. Hi, If the rear screen washer and wipers are still working then it will not be the same fuse, likewise ifthe front screen wipers are still working it can't be the same fuse, but it could be that the washer motor has died and needs to be replaced. Doug.
  6. Hi to all, I have had a problem very like this gent is having but some time ago now, it turned out to be the heated rear screen that was the cause, draining the battery over two or three days. Because I was running out of idea's as to the cause I disconnected the rear screen and the problem was cured. If you get someone to check the power to the heated rear screen when it is switched off you may find it is still being fed through a faulty switch. Doug.
  7. Hi to all, On a problem like you have explained a friend of mine had this problem and was told by the local Toyota dealer that a new high pressure injection pump was required but after testing the sensors in the pump myself I found a fault in the diesel temp sensor, this was replaced and it solved the problem. Doug.
  8. Hi to all, The misleading thing about an air leak on the return side of the diesel system is air can be drawn in without diesel leaking out, and because of the self bleed system on the Rav4 and others if you turn over the engine enough it will seem to correct its self and run all day, until you park up for a few hours and pressure in the system is lost through the return side of the system and air takes its place, then as you turn over the engine to start it will take time to bleed out that air before it will regain pressure in the system. Only then when the pressure in the common rail is corr
  9. Hi Johnyboy, Sounds to me like the diesel fuel system is drawing in air and the system is having to rebleed its self after being parked up over night, easier onthe warm start because there has been less time for air to reenter system. The most common part of the system to cause this probem is the return to tank side, or the fuel filter base not having been fitted with a new Oring seal. Doug.
  10. Well hi to both you guy's, I don't feel so alone now but I have had this same problem while working with Renault but aways managed to get the trim off, in the case of this Yaris I think I will have to remove the rear seat from that side to gain enough room to get at the bottom of the trim. The key is working the central locking inside the door because I can hear it, my money is on it being a machanical problem or the child lock. Doug.
  11. Hi guy's, I once went out to a car with the some sort of problem, because you have perminent four wheel drive any part of that drives failure will result in not being able to get the car to move, it feels like clutch or flywheel failure but it is not, the fact that you are able to start and run the engine rules out the timing belt. Without checking the car myself I would say you have striped the drive splines out of one or both of your front wheel drive hubs, hence the almost move and then no movement at all. Doug.
  12. Hi to all, Well I bought a Rav4 diesel five door because I spent the better part of ywelve years working on Landrovers. Doug.
  13. Hi to all, My daughter has a Yaris and she has just discovered today that the offside rear door will not open, I have had a listen to the central locking operate inside the door and all seems well, but it will not open from inside or outside. All the other doors are opening and locking just as they should, I have removed the inside handle so that I could work the cables but it still will not open and with the door shut it is a tough job to try and get the inside door trim off. It looks tlike I will have to remove the rear seat on that side to try and get the door trim off to se what has gone
  14. Hi to all, I find once you retire as I have done some six years ago it is good to keep busy and there are a number of motors in the family and friends that do just that, but just in case I run out of things to do I own an old Bedford CF campervan which I use through the summer months and it has been a four year job of work to get it from the state it was in when I bought it up to the useable state it is now in. And as a member of the Bedford club as well as the Toyota club I get a fair bit of work sent up to me such as gearboxes cylinder heads and complete engines to repair from all over the c
  15. Hi to all, The new SVC valves arrived yesterday and I got the job done today with great results, performance is back and even the starting and tickover sound better, but it was worth checking and cleaning the ERG valve if only to make sure there was not a problem with it, before ordering any new parts. I also checked the turbo and the throttle body, and don't forget those thin succsion air pipes off the waste gate, in the past I have found a split in one of them to cause loss of turbo power. But it was worth all the checks, now the next job is the timing belt waterpump and alternator and power
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