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  1. You need the later bonnet as well.
  2. Simple answer - install and run Torque Pro on an Android phone and plug in a cheap OBD reader to the port under the left side of the steering column. I get around 82 deg at operating temp. If yours is vastly different, theres your answer.
  3. I use Phillips LED bulbs in my Mk1. Look nice and white without the obvious (and law attracting) blue tint of HID. Beam pattern is excellent as well.
  4. There is no metal on the bumper. So if it doesnt just click back in you will likely have broken the black plastic clips that the bumper clips onto. Is this an MMT clutch? If not, the warning light wouldnt have been the clutch.
  5. I think I was far from asking for a perfect response. That would have been to repair the car (which oddly you were offered) as well as recompense for the tints. In the end I got neither. All I wanted was £60 to redo the tints. I went into the whole thing very diplomatically and didnt raise a fuss. I was shown the hand from the outset. I am not sure that this recall is any more noble than on any other brand of car. Its dangerous (in fact you yourself titled this thread as such) and I wouldnt expect anything less from any other manufacturer. In fact I think it should have been issued/brought to task far earlier. There were numerous reports (which did reach Toyota) a very long time before they confirmed the defect. I do accept that some other manufacturers use the same delay tactics, but to suggest the recall for the Aygo windows is in some way better than other car, sorry I dont buy that. Repair is holding well and I have no doubt it will continue. I have used 291i on boats before and once cured its not going anywhere. The only way to remove it is to cut it out as it wont shear/tear nor, once bonded to a suitable surface, detach.
  6. It was in response to Frosty. Your post slipped in just before mine.
  7. If thats your stance, why suggest to Paloma that they discuss the matter of goodwill with their Toyota dealer? I already said that I accept the tints are not factory, but if I was a manager of a massive car manufacturer I think I would find it in me to locate £60 from somewhere in order to keep a customer happy. Especially given this catastrophic problem not to mention my knackered paint. And yes other manufacturers can and do take goodwill into account.
  8. When I contacted Toyota they refused to recompense me for the tint I would need to reapply. Despite telling them that both my rear windows had detached prior to the recall, damaging my paintwork and causing no end of grief. I accept that my non factory tint is not really their concern but it would have been a nice gesture of goodwill for them to refund the £60 it would cost to replace it given the circumstances. I told them to stuff their (very late imo) recall if £60 means more to them than keeping a customer happy (its not like I was asking them to respray the rear end which tbh I felt like doing). I have now done the job myself with Sikaflex 291i marine sealant which will last the life of the car but the whole matter has left a very, very sour taste for me. I likely wont ever buy another Toyota as a result. Theres plenty of other manufacturers.
  9. Yeah, I didnt run this tank down to the last bar but I think it would quite easily have done over 500. When I filled it up it worked out at 64.9mpg. Mind you I only really use it for commuting which is largely dual carriageway/motorway and my journey rarely gets over 60mph due to traffic so its probably under almost ideal conditions for economy but still, I was impressed for an old girl 🙂
  10. The same tankful a little later...
  11. Was driving the other day, having filled up a few days earlier and noticed that the 1st bar hadnt dropped off the gauge after 120 or so miles (I reset the trip after filling). Carried on driving and in the end took a pic as I couldnt believe it.. It actually dropped off about 5 miles after this but I was quite impressed
  12. Planemo

    Dash LED's

    The multi pin plug takes a bit of care as mentioned in the thread, and the small surface mount leds are not easy to solder. I have been soldering for many years and I found it a tricky job but no special surface mount soldering tips required. Heres another fitting thread following a google search:
  13. In short, it could be either your 1st or 2nd sensor. Or both. Cheap sensors usually fail far earlier than genuine OE ones. Yes the OE is expensive. Or you might be looking to sell the car next year. Yer pays yer money. Edit: or is could be the cat itself...
  14. I have found out the long way that the warning lights on Aygos (or at least the Mk1) can do real random things. I had an issue on mine where, when on dipped beam, the blue high beam warning lamp would come on (along with the green headlight one), very dimly at first, then get a little brighter after 15 mins or so. Seemed very odd and I couldnt work out what was causing it. Sometimes it wouldnt come on at all but always reappeared at some random point. I eventually traced it to a very small amount of water that was getting into the 3 pin headlight plug. Unlikely to happen on a stock car as my original 3 pin plugs are away from the headlight as I have an LED conversion but just thought I would put it out there. Dodgy earths can present very odd things sometimes!