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  1. Its not impossible because I have done it. And I didnt remove the driveshaft, ball joint or ARB. You just need to think outside the box. If the wishbone wont go down, the strut needs to go up. Of course, you need to tread very carefully with whatever method you use to load up the strut. Or, split the balljoints/remove arb/driveshafts. Its less riskier, but far more hassle imo.
  2. Tbh you're asking me questions from years ago bud! Pretty sure I didnt check tracking after fitting the Eibachs as the drop isnt significant. Most road lowering kits are the same deal - 25mm or so isnt an issue on 99% of cars. I believe I had it checked after the coilovers were fitted but even then I think I was told the toe was fine and it wasnt adjusted. If anything they would have given it a little positive camber but it's not adjustable and in any event it was well within limits. Never had any noticeable uneven tyre wear with either setup.
  3. Good to hear all OK 🙂 Yeah they hadnt done a lot of work! I found the thread where I later fitted the coilovers: ...which was 14 months after this thread so yes about 7k miles on the Eibachs tops I reckon. Thanks again, good to hear another Aygo gets some use out of them 🙂 Cheers
  4. Holy thread resurrection! Reading this thread reminded me re the rear shock bolts that we spoke about - I didn't drop the rear beam to fit the Eibachs as I thought. I managed to remove the original springs and get the Eibachs in just by brute force. It also reminded me that when I did try to get the shocks off, I made a faux pas in that I was attempting to undo the nut that is located inside the beam - these nuts are CAPTIVE! So it would never have come off. It was only when fitting my coil over kit that I realized that to get the shocks off you remove the BOLT not the nut haha. They came off pretty easy. Yes still have the Vogtland coilovers on. Can't quite remember what drop I settled on but I think it's around 50mm rear, 60mm front. It sits lovely but it is a pain especially with my added splitter. I have to be really careful with it but I can't bring myself to raise it :) I did make a thread on the coilover conversion, you might be able to find it somewhere but the pics may have disappeared as they were on photobucket I think.
  5. Now sold. Thanks to Hal and the forum 🤗
  6. Completely forgot I had these until I cleared my shed out the other day! I had these fitted for about a year I think which would be around 7k miles for me. I swopped them out when I fitted my coilover kit. Lowers about an inch all round and rides really well as you would expect from Eibach. I paid about £130 for the set so I think £50 is fair. Cant really send them so would need collecting from Billericay, Essex or I would drive a little way to meet if it helps. Cheers!
  7. Simple answer - install and run Torque Pro on an Android phone and plug in a cheap OBD reader to the port under the left side of the steering column. I get around 82 deg at operating temp. If yours is vastly different, theres your answer.
  8. I use Phillips LED bulbs in my Mk1. Look nice and white without the obvious (and law attracting) blue tint of HID. Beam pattern is excellent as well.
  9. There is no metal on the bumper. So if it doesnt just click back in you will likely have broken the black plastic clips that the bumper clips onto. Is this an MMT clutch? If not, the warning light wouldnt have been the clutch.
  10. I think I was far from asking for a perfect response. That would have been to repair the car (which oddly you were offered) as well as recompense for the tints. In the end I got neither. All I wanted was £60 to redo the tints. I went into the whole thing very diplomatically and didnt raise a fuss. I was shown the hand from the outset. I am not sure that this recall is any more noble than on any other brand of car. Its dangerous (in fact you yourself titled this thread as such) and I wouldnt expect anything less from any other manufacturer. In fact I think it should have been issued/brought to task far earlier. There were numerous reports (which did reach Toyota) a very long time before they confirmed the defect. I do accept that some other manufacturers use the same delay tactics, but to suggest the recall for the Aygo windows is in some way better than other car, sorry I dont buy that. Repair is holding well and I have no doubt it will continue. I have used 291i on boats before and once cured its not going anywhere. The only way to remove it is to cut it out as it wont shear/tear nor, once bonded to a suitable surface, detach.
  11. It was in response to Frosty. Your post slipped in just before mine.
  12. If thats your stance, why suggest to Paloma that they discuss the matter of goodwill with their Toyota dealer? I already said that I accept the tints are not factory, but if I was a manager of a massive car manufacturer I think I would find it in me to locate £60 from somewhere in order to keep a customer happy. Especially given this catastrophic problem not to mention my knackered paint. And yes other manufacturers can and do take goodwill into account.
  13. When I contacted Toyota they refused to recompense me for the tint I would need to reapply. Despite telling them that both my rear windows had detached prior to the recall, damaging my paintwork and causing no end of grief. I accept that my non factory tint is not really their concern but it would have been a nice gesture of goodwill for them to refund the £60 it would cost to replace it given the circumstances. I told them to stuff their (very late imo) recall if £60 means more to them than keeping a customer happy (its not like I was asking them to respray the rear end which tbh I felt like doing). I have now done the job myself with Sikaflex 291i marine sealant which will last the life of the car but the whole matter has left a very, very sour taste for me. I likely wont ever buy another Toyota as a result. Theres plenty of other manufacturers.