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  1. sorry for all the spelling mistake's ...ooops!
  2. I have a new Icon 2.0 D4D 13 Plate, i have had it 2 months now (from new) and i have started to notice some odd noise's 1. as i change gear i get a deep throaty noise (not all the time) more so when i change at higher revs??? it sound good...lol like a sports car... but not sure if its meant to be there ??? sounds like the exhaust to me ??? 2. also from 30mph onwards i get what i can only describe as a contant mid to high pitch whine! sound similar to a child learning to whistle but without the whistle ? i thought at first it was the tyre/road noise but as the noise stay the same as my speed
  3. thank you ! how do i post pls i have written two post and pressed post but niether have come through ??
  4. High new to this have posted a few questions so pls read any help welcome?
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