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  1. I Don't know what engine I am putting in but thanks anyway
  2. As above. To swap into my ke50. Already got a t50. Also consider rwd 4age cylinder head since I have a 5afe from an ae101 wagon lying around
  3. Wanted to buy engine wiring loom for 4 or 5a-fe motor(should be the same, or very similar if not) from ae10? jdm l-touring wagon
  4. Hi I got a 1979 Ke50 without an engine. I have a 5a-fe lying around and decided to use it to power it. The thing is that the dizzy will be at the back when the engine is mounted in a FR position. Is there any way I can convert to coilpack set up, or even MSD(or similar) to do away with the dizzy completely? Don't want to tear holes in the bulkhead. What are the limitations as to what the stock ecu can handle? Thanks
  5. hi, was wondering if an E11 grill can be modified to fit on an ep90 starlet na.
  6. Hi bought a ke50 liftback for restoration. Need a bunch of stuff, especially exterior. Most importantly, both windshields rubber and doorskins. Mech stuff has commonality with other 3rd gen models, so I'm not particularly concerned about that.
  7. just bought a pair for my reflet. what is best option? modify a glanza bumper(was still going to swap one since standard reflet bumper has several dings) or a carat bumper and fix a lip to it?
  8. got pretty much the same question here. Got a 1.5d starlet and wanted to swap a 5efe. And by mistake, I bought a 5afe. the 5efe is somwhat rare to find compared to a 4efe. So, once I get hold of the latter, mt intentions were -corolla manifold -4-1 exhaust manifold -2 1/2 in exhaust all the way to the back -skimming, polishing and porting of cyl head -cone filter -mapping ecu what gains should I expect from above? assuming they will be an average of 8hp each, thats 122bhp, only 10 shy of a stock 4efte. And more than double that of the 1n!!! Not after extraordinary performance, just want some fun for a semi-daily. Anything else I skipped? No intention of turbo
  9. will be keeping an eye in here. Got a Jap import 1n starlet. Want to swap a 5efe but they are a bit rare. 4's are quite common so its interesting to see what you can come up with before committing myself to buy one
  10. Is a first gen camry considered a classic toyota yet? i am the proud owner of the only example on this little rock. privately imported by an expat, lhd. 2.0 5spd trans, fully loaded other than a/c, blue velvet interior. lovely family car. 154000km on the clock. No awesome power but she loves open roads
  11. compared to a 1N, which is no faster than a bicycle pushed by lance armstrong without snorting coke, even a stock 4efe is a vast improvemnt I dare say!! I wanted a 5efe swap, but they are harder to fin. 4's are fairly common and I dont want turbo stuff since I am not after awesome power. Just want some more enjoyment from driving it. I was thinking -rebore(to get close to the 5efe cc) -rolla inlet manifold -custom exhaust manifold and wide exhaust all way back -skimming, port and polish cylinder head -mapping ecu -cone filter should get like 30ish more from above. 100ish is still double the power of the 1n :)
  12. Me. Got a 1998 NP90 running a 1N. want to swap a 5efe