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  1. I am a diy person and done the service on the 1.8 the last 4years. I just ordered the engine oil for the 2.4L but I always check the steps beforehand. I couldn't find the location of the oil filter but I didn't go underneath also there is less space in the engine bay... I do it at home without ramp...
  2. Hi All, I've bought a 2.4L Auto 163bhp avensis. I want to do oil change but for the first look it is more difficult to get it done as the 1.8L petrol. Does anyone have discription of the steps or any chance for repair/workshop manual to get? It seems the 1.8 is more common. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you
  3. I my V5 the engine number is 1ZZU386538. This is all what I know and I have got a cable running from the pedal to the throttle. Not electric.
  4. It is 2003 T4 model, UK. Yes, it has cable, it looks the same as on your pictures. if I search on selling sites, I can find 1.8 petrol with cruise contol fitted. But only T3x, T4, T180, T-spirit. Of course i don't know the engine codes for them.
  5. This is very helpful, thank you. Why did you buy the waeco? It is around £100 and there are some other brands on a cheaper price. It seems I need to do a lot of work... I am sure it worth. My engine is 1ZZU but it looks the same...Do you think? ECU not support it? Thanks for the pictures, help a lot about the work and preparing it.
  6. Hi Henri, I am interested in your solution. The reason is I want to fit a cruise control because in T3x, T4 and above it is optional I think it would work. on T3s is not optional. What do you think. Does it still effect if the engine is 1.8? Thanks
  7. Hi, I'll read the thread. The engine is 1.8 petrol. I have found a switch OEM#84632-34011 but I am not sure it will work so I am a bit worried to buy it... In T4 the cruise control is optional should be everything fitted except switch... I guess. And I think I need to check the connector on the steering wheel as well...
  8. Hi, Do you think this would work on a 03 plate Avensis T4? 1.8 petrol manual? Thanks
  9. Hi, I've got a 03plate avensis T4. I love it, but I miss the cruise control which is optional extra in this series. Does anyone knows what type of control could I buy and fit? Any suggestions, please? I don't want to buy the original one... I hope someone can help me. Thanks