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  1. Thanks for the reply mate, I'll take that into consideration.
  2. Hmm...not quite sure, it's strange sometimes the car will sail pass 5000 rpm and some it will not like it at all!
  3. Hello all, so recently I've discovered a problem with my corolla E12 1.4. Sometimes when I'm driving I like to give it a nice blast by revving it until it doesn't red line. When I'm in 2nd/3rd gear and I put my foot hard down on the accelerator the rev counter shoots up to 5 really fast then stays there and won't budge until I let go of the accelerator and then put my foot down again then it goes past 5000rpm. Just wondering is this a common problem for the corollas or what? Thanks,
  4. Hello all, so I've just recently installed a set of BC Coilovers and I'm now looking to purchase a set of alloys. I'm really loving the look of these: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lenso-D1-R-Alloy-Wheel-Honda-Mazda-Nissan-Mitsubishi-Toyota-Suzuki-15-16-17-18-/191086534175?pt=UK_CarParts_Acc_Wheels_tyres_Trims_Car_Rims_ET&hash=item2c7da51e1f Questions: I want to my back alloys to stick out a little more than the front, is that a good idea or not? What rim width should I go for? 7 or 7.5J? will 17" look big enough on my PFL model? What tyre is best suited for a 17/18" wheel? I don't want
  5. Hi, i already contacted K&N, for the 1.4 and 1.6 the k&n is optimised for thise cars. The 1.8 t sport has its own version as the one above.
  6. Thank you ever so much for the help will confirm with the seller :)
  7. Great! One thing that confused me though is that k&n has one typhoon kit for the 1.4 to 1.6l engines and then another typhoon kit for the 1.8l cts version...thats why i thought id ask here to clear the confusion before i bought something that wouldnt fit my car.
  8. Hello all, just wondering before I purchase a Typhoon kit off someone who owns a Corolla E12 2003 PFL 1.8l T Sport. Will their K&N Typhoon kit fit my Corolla E12 2003 PFL 1.4L? Thanks,
  9. Looks great! Got the same Vibe sub myself although I think yours is 12"? Mine is a 10" haha, great subwoofer! I'll PM you mate.
  10. I like the sound of that! Also I wonder do you have any experience with the BC BR coilover setup? I'm looking to purchase it but need help on whether I need anything else before I install it on my car.
  11. Err your wheels, the top one is a stock photo of what you are aiming for I presume...That is correct Indeed, I was wondering what sort of colour would suit my vehicle and what " I should go for? I'm not sure whether that is 17" or 18"...
  12. Thank you Raistlin, which wheels? Also have you any suggestions for me?
  13. Hey mate! How much has it done on the clock? and how much are you selling the car for? I'm actually interested in the Typhoon Kit depending on how long you've had it for and the condition of it ofcourse, could you post some pictures up please?
  14. Hello all, I'm new here although I have been viewing the forums here and have seen some sexy looking E12s! Hence why I had to open up an account here and create a topic so that you guys can assist me in upgrading my baby. Right to the point. I originally bought my Toyota Corolla E12 2003 1.4 car in September 2013. Since then I've: installed an active vibe 10" subwoofer with 2 x 6x9s powered by the Sony Xplod 52wattsInstalled 6000k xenon bulbsTinted the windows Installed Team Heko wind deflectors Installed green SMD footwell lightsTinted back lightsNow it's time to take the big step and upgra
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