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  1. Happy Birthday Blodders02!

  2. Thanks for that. It's working at 13% while the other side would hold a freight train.
  3. My 58 plate has failed its MOT due to the o/s rear parking brake not working. Is this an adjuster or a problem with the shoes?
  4. Thanks for that. I can't see any blockage to the GPS reciviver it's as if come thing is interfering with it. I was wondering if it could be rebooted or reset. Regards Dave
  5. Is that a genuine Toyota part or do they stock it at Halfords?
  6. Blodders02


    I have an AvensisTR and the satnav is sometimes unable to locate itself. Can you help?
  7. I have a 58 plate avensis 2ltr TR D4D and I am getting an annoying squeaking rattling noise between 1800 - 2200 revs. I have packed out the intake pipe where it enters the airbox and no change. it really is getting me down. the car goes like stink and the MPG is as it should be. I am at the point of getting rid !
  8. I have a 58 plate 2ltr TR D-4D I am looking for some updated map CD's, Can anybody help ?
  9. Can't thank you gents enough I hope this works as the noise sounds expensive but the car goes like a stabbed rat. Regards Dave
  10. I have just changed my 54 plate avensis for a 58 plate Tr Disel. There is an annoying noise that sounds like it coming from the turbo. This does not happen all the time just when the engine is under load. it comes in at 1800 rpm and has gone by 2000 rpm If I accelerate hard no noise there is no loss of power and the mpg is not effected. The dealer has washed their hands of it saying it's nothing important. 1 month left on the warranty Can anybody help ???
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