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  1. i just used this advice and it worked a treat thanks people
  2. a carbon fibre look 52mm twin pillar pod for sale. not in wrapping but never used or fitted it is universal fit needs to be cut into or around the pillar. it for a right hand drive car. looking for about £10 plus and maybe a bit of postage too contact me if interested. paypal payment only. many thanks
  3. brand new in box never opened a 52mm oil pressure gauge made by motor meter racing. comes also with the oil pressure sensor you have to fit to car and gauge also come with fitting instructions. am looking for about £10-£15 for this and depending where you live plus postage. never needed present payment through paypal only please. many thanks
  4. can anyone help me please. i have a 1995 st205 gt4 wrc was wndering where can i bring a silicone hose through my baulk head to run a psi boost gauge inside the car? so i want to get my hose from the engine bay to somewhere behind the speedo clocks in the dash any advicebe much appreciated happy easter people. thank you
  5. hi there thanks for your imput where would this little yellow restriction tag be located
  6. hi does anyone know how to remove the mesh grill out of the bonnet of my 1995 celica st205 gt4? does it just come out through the top i.e outside just oull out. would like to know so i can spray it. any help please
  7. hello mate hope you have got that air box sorted now? thank you so much for the link it is awesome thank you so much
  8. in my 1994 gt4 where is the best place to put a boost gauge? i want to build it in to the heater or dash or somewhere similar any ideas
  9. hi can anyone tell me where i can download or get a manual for my toyota celica st205 gt4 3sgte wrc version 94 plate please
  10. hi all i have a 1994 st205 gt4 3sgte. i have heard i can gain roughly about 15bhp from removing my air conditioning is this true. if so how much gain would i get. could i just cut the air con belt or is there an air con unit i have to remove to get full gains and how hard a job is this. has anyone done this who could guide me please. thank you all
  11. hi i have just changed my 1994 toyota celica gt4 wrc version spare wheel so i have the original spacesaver wheel for sale but the postage will be high it and tire in good condition i also have the round hardboard piece that goes on top of the spare wheel. anyone interested in either item mail me and i will work out a price and postage or just make me an offer on either or both. many thanks.
  12. hi does anyone know if there is any difference between the spark plugs needed for a st205 gt4 and a st205 gt4 wrc version is there different spark plugs need for each one or can they both run off the same plugs was told as standard they came with different plugs on each. can anyone find out or does anyone know please. thanks for all your wealths of knowledge
  13. hi does anyone know how easy or difficult it is to change the original charge cooler hoses to my silicone hoses o charge cooler. do i have to drain charge cooler fluid first? and what sort of fluid do i top or fill it back up with on my 1994 st205 gt4 wrc version. any ideas please
  14. hi does anyone on here live in stowmarket and own a celica vvti that i flew past today in my 1995 celica st205 3sgte gt4 wrc version
  15. cleaned my apollo air filter today as you can see it was much over due what a mess. i didnt use k&n cleaner though has anyone got any useful tips of how to make it sparkle like new again please?
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