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  1. not got mine fitted yet but i have it set at 0.5bar and a 50/50 water methanol mix, take care with methanol though its nasty stuff. 10ml is enough to kill you !!
  2. not had it on track yet but it seems to handle really well, a million times better than the rolla ever did. strange feeling as you feel the rear pushing out when you punch it out of a corner. theres always day trips for visits :D
  3. lol. not really been doing much to mine other than enjoying driving it really, though i must get the fuel cut sorted, boost is spiking at 2.5 bar and its really doing my head in as it makes full throttle acceleration in 4 th and 5 impossible. was at CAE at the weekend, had chance to get someone to video it on a straight national speed limit road, was really bumpy though so i had to lift. glad yours is coming on well though, be good to see what 1.6-1.7 bar is like :D
  4. in the engine compartment on the passenger side you'll see the coolant cap (looks like a normal rad cap) check that coolant is visible there. also check the overflow bottle (next to the fuse box in the engine compartment) this is harder to see so a piece of wire dunked in should hep you see the level easier
  5. as already said, what an awesome meet. the Best CAE to date (not that any of the previous have been anything other than superb) thanks to les and anne for their impeccable organisation and time ian, michelle and nick for their amaizing hospitality, opening their home to 50 odd car owners is brave. and all that were there to make it a special meet. cant wait for the next one now.
  6. trust me it really is easier to take the engine out. there are some bolts that are near impossible to remove with the engine in and the gearbox/transfer box weigh nigh on 90-100KG. tis a shame your so far away as i could do it for you for a reasonable price. clutch depends on the power/use of your four. if you are running upto 1.1bar on a stock turbo/ internals then a std toyota clutch is fine. if you want something a little stronger then the exeedy organic is very good
  7. the fan switch is on a fail safe system, simply unplugging it will cause the fan to come on.
  8. cant wait to see the results ;)
  9. moved to avensis section as you may get a better response
  10. look around and get the O2 sensors from else where they can be had for about £60 each
  11. there is a name for this kind of thing.................................................. natural selection. i believe it is good for these people to remove themselves from the gene pool
  12. possible it is thinner glass (look at the difference between front and rear door glass to see my point) if she can get the screen changed for a genuine one under her insurance (doesnt affect premiums over here not sure about where you are)
  13. a lot is down to pad material. i suppose you're not complaining about the effectiveness of the brakes? because the brakes are good it means the pads are more aggressive and will wear out the discs quicker. you could always not use the brakes and put the money saved t'ward body repairs :D
  14. first i would NEVER use a car wash, they wreck your paint!!! if you dont want to wash it yourself then let the local hand washers do it, they arnt great for paint but better than the rotary paint strippers that are car washes! if you really want to trash your paint then if you put the ignition on but do not press the brake pedal im sure that you can select neutral that way
  15. afraid short of cutting the tank there is no way to remove the pump without dropping the tank :( also be aware of rusty fuel lines as these have a habit of breaking when removing the tank. th GS432 looks very much like the walbro 255 pump and should fit with no issues. you will have to join the wires to the existing wires though. i recommend the use of crimp terminals with heat shrink on
  16. nearly finished, still got the exterior to do and maybe some extra fueling later on but enjoying using it for a whale now :D as fro track days yes most of them you ca, just pay per driver, best asking, think bookatrack allow extra drivers. yeah want to do the ring myself but will poss be next year now due to lack of funds :(
  17. yeah, must be your browser cos i can see it on mine :P
  18. got a full boost one, still getting a bit of overboost but not to bad, mainly when i floor it in fifth from about 3000rpm, when the boost comes on it spikes at about 2.4 bar but if im gradual with the gas its not bad. got loads of pops and bangs on the overrun :P
  19. :D dude what ya doing down there lol. hope your enjoying it down there, some awesome roads as well. ill ave a looksie for an OPS might have one :s
  20. if you look at where the selector cables attach to the gearbox you will see there are some rubber bushes in the end of the cables. these go soft and give you the vague feel. you can get bearings or polyurethane bushes to replace them from ebay.
  21. the system on the GT4 is for homologation for the WRC. it has a valve off the charge cooler just in front of the BOV that diverts air direct into the exhaust manifold if the system is activated. ignition is retarded by about 50deg and extra fuel pumped in, net result is a huge bang in the exhaust/turbo and lots of closed throttle boost. the system you see a lot of on scoobies etc is much like i used to run on the rolla with the MoTec ecu. flick a switch inside to activate, this then energizes a solenoid that opens the throttle about 15-20% and activated the antilag in the ecu. ignition is retarded and the fuel explodes again in the turbo/exhaust. this type is a mild antilag as the engine rpm is higher due to the throttle being open. i used to get 1.5 bar of boost with my antilag activated but the thrust bearings in the turbo were toast after about 6000 miles of occasional use
  22. hiya, yeah sorry. if you click my name thatll take you to my profile and there should be a 'send me a message button' on there. if you send me your address ill send you my paypal address. you can pay via paypal or bank transfer which ever suits ;) cheers
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