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  1. Agreed, Tom, I also found it very odd that the old 'wind to wipe' trick doesn't work on this car. I partly convinced myself it was on purpose to .. protect the .. seals .. ? Nope sounds dumb when I try to justify it lol. As for the doors I keep considering running some additional seal tape stuff, the rubber channel for window frames of the sort you might find in B&Q or similar. But I cant choose between 'shoddy look and good seal', or 'nice look and put up with noise'. Overall I think you're a bit harsh though, the thing's put together fairly well. I am coming from a very spartan micra, mi
  2. If you ever get it fixed please do tell us how, I too have a noise from the rear-right door. It's noticeable above 50kph (sorry chaps I'm on the continent now) and it's !Removed! annoying. Unfortunately I only ever remember it when I get above 50kph, and then immediately forget when I get out of the car. I remembered ONCE to take a look at the door seals, and I thought it might be the area half way up the door where the angle changes. The seal is clipped into the frame above and below that point, but around the bend it just sits there. Have a look yourself and see if you think
  3. RyanBorg I have a 2013 and I'm in Turkey, I imagine we have equally shady dealerships and stripped down import models. I have the mid range "active" model as it's called here. I had an alarm fitted by the dealer, who said (I maintain) he would fit an "authentic genuine Toyota alarm". Well, guess what, it's just one of the thousand alibaba/ebay Chinese import jobbies. But it works so I don't care enough to get into a fight. Plus since they fitted it (which I think your dealer will be doing also?) it doesn't affect my warranty with them. As for window closer modules, here is one: aliexpress.com/
  4. My dad moans about this on his Golf estate. Says he keeps going outside to find all the windows open because he's sat down on the keyfob or whatever. An all windows close on holding down the lock button would be nice. FROSTYBALLS my 2013 has a boot unlock button on the remote. I find it a fairly pointless thing to have personally. As for the auto lock at speed, if you're willing to plug mystery boxes into your car's electrics try searching on aliexpress for "auris speed lock" and you should find gadgets that will do it for you (if, as I said, you dare). There are also mystery boxes to auto clo
  5. timbooo

    Scion Im

    Derp. Any idea if any of the sexy bits and bobs made it / are going to make it? I can't seem to find anything very recent, it doesn't appear to be on sale yet.
  6. timbooo

    Scion Im

    Has anyone posted about this yet? I did a search and came up with nowt. It's quite clearly an Auris with a pretty badass factory fitted bodykit on it. If it goes on sale like that I can see people trying to import those mirrors, for example. Cool? Uncool? As a 2013 Auris owner I think it looks gorgeous and I want that front bumper! http://www.scion.com/concept_cars/iM/?vid=imconcept#image=low_front_3_4 http://jalopnik.com/the-scion-im-is-matrix-part-deux-1661006519 Of course, "concept" means it probably won't happen. Can't quite tell in these following pics, maybe all the cool stuff has gone
  7. Yeah I realise that. I wasn't referring to a software upgrade, rather purchasing a replacement head unit. If they could knock them out at a sensible price, something around the cost of similar third party options, it'd be attractive to me. Obviously I cannot be 100% sure, but I'd hazard a fair guess that there's no difference (with the 2013 model, not an old shape Auris) beyond the actual head unit (and the attached GPS unit). "Stupidly expensive" seems over the top therefore; if they wanted to, they could knock a few extras off the production line and sell them direct through the dealerships
  8. Lol £800 HELLO TOYOTA? THIS IS REALITY CALLING. I know I'd definitely shop around for a universal one that fits the car, surely it can't be that hard to find?
  9. Car makers need to start offering upgrades at a sensible cost. I might buy that "Touch 2" for my 2013 if they made it available at a decent price, but they won't. I believe it has "mirror link" phone screen mirroring. Nifty (although I dare imagine my Lumia has no chance of working). PS you're calling it "facelift", but are there actually any external changes? [ I hope I'm not really confused and this is about the current Auris. I did make sure to check the date ;) ]
  10. Old post bump! Has anyone tried this? I'd very much like my (drivers) controls to all function when the 'lock' is active. Surely this makes logical sense, it's definitely the way I would have designed the system... I have a new shape Auris, I will check first to see if the wire colours are the same but I'd be glad to know if anyone has actually tried the mod.
  11. I've got an "Auris 2" and I'm thinking of wrapping the little chrome bits in matt black vinyl. I hate all the stupid shiny bits. Trouble is there's some inside the headlight assembly and I'd rather not crack them open... Plastidip sounds like a perfect idea too. Pretty weak photo edit lol:
  12. timbooo


    This is where you push the pedal all the way in, where you'll find it suddenly feels like a button... because it is - it will drop you down into first (or into a lower gear if you do when zooming along). I'm not sure "frightening" is the appropriate word, but it is a little weird agreed. Sometimes if you drive up a hill slowly the gearbox will decide to change up into second at which point it has barely enough torque to continue up the hill. You just have to know how it behaves and drive accordingly - I tend to give it a bit of a boot into the bottom the hill up to my street so when it changes
  13. Just realised your thread title says "manual" in it. I assumed the HAC was for autos, since we don't have the benefit of a clutch to hold us on hills (jumping from the brake from the accelerator as quickly as possible [and praying that the robot clutch does his job] is pretty nerve racking). Might be entirely wrong though ;D
  14. timbooo

    Front Bumper

    Thread of the year 2014
  15. I think this might be the wrong side (never did grasp the whole "near side / off side" malarky, what's wrong with right and left?) http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Toyota-Prius-Hatchback-Auris-Hatchback-OS-Drivers-Side-Front-Fog-Lamp-Light-/291080137411?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&fits=Cars+Year%3A2013%7CModel%3AAuris&hash=item43c5ba6ac3 But there's loads if you do a search. There's also a piece of glass only here: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lens-fog-lights-lamp-for-TOYOTA-Corolla-2006-2009-1-Piece-/171202913514?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&fits=Cars+Year%3A2013%7CModel%3A
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