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  1. Hi, If you're looking at an early 4.3 have a close look at the exhaust system and make sure its in good condition before making a decision to buy, I have an 07 4.3 petrol with only 22000 miles on it, had it for about a year, needs a new exhaust and as there's no after market ones made anywhere its got to be from Mr T..............£1100!!! Ooocha! Apart from that, great car, no other bills.
  2. I bought the very car Seth the OP is looking for earlier this year, 2007 XT4 2.0 vvti manual, the only negatives I can see are its perhaps its a little thirsty but that all depends on how its driven, I'm averaging 32 ish / gallon and the boot door doesn't open as far as I'd like, I believe theres a check strap replacement that can be done to allow door to open further, the positives are I turn the key and it goes, its comfy, reasonably quiet and quick enough for what I need it for. Not sure how it will fare when the mileage creeps up as its only got 22k on it so time will tell.
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    Its pretty wild up here, just driven from Inverness to Elgin in horizontal snow, first time with the RAV in bad weather, got to say I'm impressed, much more stable than the previous Freelander. The number of people driving with no lights or just those piddly little side lights was shocking..........one of my pet hates I'm afraid
  4. Thanks for the advice guys, much appreciated. I've got Geolander G91A's on the back and Michelin Energy LX4's M+S on the front, been researching on the net about the Geolanders, some regard them as an all season tyre, some say they're summer only, confused now! If Toyota fit them as original equipment I'm thinking and assuming they're fit for purpose in most weather conditions. Great forum by the way, glad to be a member!
  5. Hello out there! 1st post after the introduction a couple of weeks ago so be gentle! (Used to be on Landyzone but saw sense and needed reliability!!!) Well, woke up this morning to find a dusting of snow and icy roads, nothing on the news about travel chaos bringing the country to a standstill but its winter and its sort of expected up here every year! For the last couple of years I had a Freelander which felt OKish to drive in these conditions, the RAV this morning was far better, very impressed. The Freelander used to slip, slide and felt a bit "twitchy" the RAV however no problem, no worrie
  6. Hello everyone As the topic says I'm an ex Freelander owner from Elgin, North East Scotland, who a few months ago got fed up regularly fixing the thing and found a low mileage 2007 RAV4.3 XT4, cheaper to run, easier to live with and not too many concerns to read about on this forum (landyzone was full of too many disaster stories!) I've been on the outside looking at this forum for a few months now and during a very long and tedious night shift decided to join, thanks everyone for posting some really interesting topics/replies and also in advance for any tips and advice in the future, much app
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