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  1. Crazy weekend, have to admit it was great, spoke to a few of you when I was a little worse for wear, thanks for making us all feel welcome and it was a great weekend :) Good to put a few more names to faces, have to admit I panicked a little last night when some of you lot came back to the pitch as we were in the middle of a clingfilm operation but as soon as I heard that Derbyshire accent I knew all was well and good ;)
  2. Erm..... Us blokes aren't that naive..... Or do you mean this: I daren't post anything from Anne Summers
  3. Forgot to say he's offering petrol and beer money if anyone is out that way!
  4. Hi folks, just wondered if anyone is going to JAE this Friday who is from the Bristol / Newport area? Rob (fluff3456) is in that area and needs a lift across if possible, do any of you live over that way who could give Rob a lift over on Friday and maybe back on Sunday if you're staying? Thanks in advance :)
  5. I'll have Stella, Heineken, Jaegermeister (if I can get some more this week), Red Bull, Coke and Vodka I reckon, we'll see how it pans out :) Maybe Smirnoff Ice and After Shock for mixing too :)
  6. As long as you're happy pal that's mega :)
  7. Here you go then singletons, a mate was telling us yesterday he's getting good results here: http://www.mysinglefriend.co.uk :P
  8. Hey even I got filmed once, hey it's the natural progression to what you've got in your sig Em - screw like it's being filmed Not sure where you'd host it but you could probably charge a couple of quid for a DVD :o
  9. Yeah I reckon I'd actually eat my own cooking when I'm hammered. Oh hang on no even then I'm not that daft :D
  10. You lot are a proper nightmare, didn't realise I was coming to a dogging weekend - mega
  11. The lads in my local place do me a special kebab when I get hammered, it's donner in pitta, then topped off with cheese and mushy peas, that's right, cheesy peas
  12. Happy birthday Ryan! Where's he gone then? Anyone know if he's coming to JAE?
  13. Have you tried the card in a PC? Thought I'd lost everything once but it was just the filesystem slightly corrupt - got the lot back :) It's better if you've not written anything to it since? If you've got a backup that you've ever made on the phone I wrote a bit of PHP stuff that decoded it and extracted all the files (Nokia changed the fileformat between firmware revisions and I couldn't restore it on the phone) - if you've got that, think it was backup.arc I'll dig out the code for you.
  14. 2004 was my fav too, I was seriously battered, saying that I was in a right old tangle in 2005 but can't remember most of it :D Just can't believe it was 3 years ago, feels like it was about 2 weeks ago :o
  15. I'll be popping down the fancy dress shop this week to see what fits :D
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