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  1. They told me to bring it back in. Getting a bit fed up to be honest. No t sure what to do yet
  2. Got it back new ECU fitted, second car park I was in selected reverse gear and started to go off straight away. Phoned mr t who phoned head office at my request. Basically they have never had any problems until mine and they dont have any suggestions other than they can disconnect them. No mention of money back yet.
  3. Well taking mine back to mr T for the fourth time they want it for a couple of days. Very disappointed, hope they get it sorted. They go off anytime even when you select reverse.
  4. Mine doesnt creep but it still sometimes does it even when warm
  5. I have a 2007 xtr with 56000 miles on the clock, when I change from 1st to 2nd it feels almost like the clutch isnt disengaging properly and it doesnt change into 2nd very smoothly. Are there any fixes or is it a peculiarity of the vehicle.
  6. When I was after mine I went there and found them very expensive. They wouldnt give me any more for my bmw in mint cond than any other garage 1200pds and only 66000 miles. I bought a rav in southampton 2yrs newer and 650pds cheaper from a garage. It pays to look around.
  7. Whatever the reason it has saved me buying a new shaft. It may well be that it wont last only time will tell but at least it has confirmed that it is the shaft
  8. I got my garage to grease the intermediate shaft and the noise has gone
  9. This was on a level gravel car pak
  10. Well got the vehicle back from toyota great service. Unfortunately when we went out and reversed in a car park with nothing behind it started beeping. This happened 3 times for no apparent reason so am going to take it back to the garage
  11. No I dont do any towing kevin but I will let you know if it includes the isolating switch. Kim
  12. Booked in for sensors to be fitted. Colour coded and vehicle picked up and dropped back 299pds all in what a bargain
  13. I have just been informed that my local toyota garage is fitting the sensors for £295 supply and fit
  14. Thanks for that I will discuss it with the garage
  15. Thanks Kevin I am a plumber/heating engineer and I always cringe when I have to drill holes for the taps in a bath so I dont want to mess up the bumper. I will leave it to those in the know Thanks
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