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  1. Just to update this thread, I received my cable and after a week of messing around trying to load drivers ordered a second cable and confirmed the first cable was DOA. After getting TS up and running on the laptop I was unable to connect to the car using the DLC3 port. After that I brought a second hand ECU and reprogrammed the transponder chip to accept my existing keys which I managed to finish last night. I swapped out the ECU this afternoon and while the car starts no problem the error codes are still there. I am at a loss and tempted to get a diagnostic test. My concern is that
  2. I caved in and ordered a cable from fleabay, I have an old laptop I can install the software on. It would be silly of me to ignore an opportunity to better understand the problem before acting. Thanks OC, thanks Konrad, I really do appreciate the time you have both taken to help me. I will be sure to update the thread and let you know what was possible with Techstream, I dont think the cable will be here until the end of next week. Best regards Evan
  3. Hi OC To be honest I had not thought to take the car for a diagnostics check, I did not think they were able to capture any more data than was available using the jumper pin method given the car is not OBDII. From my point of view the sensors are just variable resistors that adjust the voltage returning to the ECU which the ECU then interprets using a stored table to adjust another voltage on its output side, such as duration of signal for injector pulse. If a variable resistor is measured to be within operating specifications it is working cheap or not. I followed Toyota's own guide
  4. Hello all I am wondering if anyone knows what problems I will encounter if I try to swap my existing ECU for a second hand unit. My unit has the following part numbers ENGINE CONTROL 7A-FE * 1757009314 * 89661-05220 MB175700-9314 If I use a second hand ECU with the same part numbers will the software be an exact match, accessories, transmission and the like. Does every software revision have a differant part number. Does this Toyota ECU have a VIN identity, can it be overwritten. Can I recode my existing keys to the new ECU Can I use Techstream UK
  5. Thanks Frosty, I wasnt aware of this
  6. KonradC just wanted to say thanks again for uploading those documents, they helped me a great deal in beginning to understand the OBD and enabled me to start testing for faults with a multimeter. To update this thread, I think I need a new ECU after following the testing procedures laid out in the documents KonradC uploaded. Initially I changed the temp sensor and reset the ECU by removing the battery negative terminal, on reconnecting the terminal and turning the ignition to on without having started the engine all three codes were still in memory without a CEL showing. The vo
  7. Is the UV generated by the bulbs in use ? If so is it possible to exchange the standard bulbs for non halogen bulbs.
  8. Hello Konrad, sorry for the delay in getting back to you, the question got me thinking for sure and while I dont have a concrete answer, I guess it depends on the cause of the symptoms everything being relative. I will be sure to let you know how everything turns out. Thanks again Evan
  9. Thanks again Konrad, my google-fu is lacking, the link is very helpful. Its weird, I have an OBD2 connector but I cant get a connection to an OBD2 compliant reader. Im just glad I can use the pin jumper to get the flash codes or I wouldnt have a clue where to start.
  10. Hello Konrad, thank you for the replys, I have downloaded both the files you linked and they are incedibly helpful. I have three stored fault codes and need to test the operation of at least two components with a multimeter. I cant back probe the components with a multimeter because Toyo wiring is weatherproofed (very nicely), and one of the components is not practicle to access without a fair bit of work. I could splice a cable to get a reading, but it would be preferable If I could trace wires back to a connection that is more convenient to access. I cant visualy trace the wires wi
  11. Thanks OC, I will look into that link. I dont have an illuminated CEL, the car was hesitating under acceleration on the motorway and smoothed out when I lifted of the pedal so I pulled the codes (the ones I posted) reset drove again and pulled the same codes. I thought it indicated a vaccumm leak but I cannot see anything obvious though, I have not pressure tested as I dont have equipment to do so, I might be able to rig up a cheap pressure sprayer if needs must. I purchased a new intake temperature sensor as it was under £10 and an easy swap, so that should be here some time next week
  12. Hello Would anyone be able to tell me where I could find a wiring schematic of the OBD components on a 2000 Avensis. I have looked through the Haynes manual several times but it does not seem to cover any of the components. Have I not looked hard enough Thanks for your time
  13. Thank you oldcoger, much appreciated.
  14. Hello I have a few OBD flash codes I have pulled from my 2000 Avensis using the jumper method. They are 23, 31 and 34. Using the internet I have found a list that says the codes relate to the following items. 23 Intake Air Temperature Sensor signal. 31 Air Flow Meter signal (Vacuum Sensor signal). 34 Turbocharger Pressure signal. Could someone be so kind as to confirm I have the correctly identified componants. Thank you for your time
  15. Hi Gazza Thanks for the advice. I will try it with a breaker bar before I start any other work just in case. I purchased some new constant tension clamps for the transmission cooler hoses, but could not find the right size for the radiator. I did not fancy paying what Toyo were asking for them, so got some Mikalor clamps for the rad hoses. If I get leaks from expansion / contraction I will go back to using proper spring clips. I will be damned if I buy them from the main dealer though:) I will keep the old clips just in case. The flared fitting I was on about needing jointing compound for was
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