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  1. try and haggle a bit more, as i bet they could throw in the mats for free and add some petrol for you.
  2. a bit off topic but dose anyone know when the sonyericsson k850 will be coming out cheers
  3. i think it looks quite nice, give the car a smooth clean look
  4. Hi thinking of getting some pilot sports for my car, if anyones got them fitted to their car could you tell me what they are like Cheers
  5. my civic comes with 225/40/18 as standard!
  6. is anyone having problem logging in at the mo. cheers
  7. how do you manage to get over 35mpg out of a t-sport, ive got a standard 1.6 corolla, doing mainly motorway i hardly manage over 36mpg driving @ around 60/70Mph
  8. iam talking about the standard head unit, mines gone a bit doggy and have found a new one off ebay, but its from a facelift model. Just wanted to know if it will work
  9. Just a quick question, will a facelift cd player fit in a non-facelift corolla e12. Cheers
  10. i test drove a 2.0d4d and it had no power around 1000/2000-rmp, is the T180 the same?
  11. its black, with optional 18" black alloys,
  12. Hi guys, thinking of buying a new shape civic 2.2 sport, ive seen one which i really like . The milage on it is 17,800 and its a 2005 55 reg. Is that high milage for its age? Cheers
  13. ive got greenStuff pads on my corolla, aint noticed a difference in braking, only good thing about them is there is hardley any brake dust.
  14. B)--> QUOTE(Brian B @ Mar 30 2007, 07:49 PM) ← I've had mine for a week now and am more than satisfied with performance but can't wait until I can really try the power. The Celica 140 I had seemed a reasonable performer but when this has been worn in I think I will suddenly realise what it was lacking. After driving Celica's for 5 year's I was in town traffic today and became aware of the high ride of the Auris. No complaint's though, comfort, ride and handling seem to be very smooth. what sort of Mpg are you peeps getting from your T180's
  15. ive just put on toyo t1-r on my corolla, size 205/55/15, and they are awsome, loads of grip in wet and dry, the standard dunlops are a pile of poo.
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