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  1. Hello,

    perhaps can you help me!?

    how can I use an USB port on a b9020?! That the same as the b9012!?

    my usb box will connect in the under menu! This show me AVN-ok and USB Box-ok!? But I didn't get a usb button on my sat nav in the normal menu!?

    best regards 


  2. I've this already with my 2009 Avensis. See my post on Toyota How-to Guides on the top of this page then click Avensis Club guides. Scroll down to "How to replace a Toyota Avensis (T27) Radio / CD player......"
  3. Hi, Click the following link. You may get some useful information towards the bottom of this How to Guide. http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/tutorials/article/30-how-to-replace-a-toyota-avensis-t27-radiocd-player-w53828-with-a-toyota-navigation-unit-b9012/
  4. Hi Alan, Yes, my new kit has voice dialling and voice commands for the sat nav etc. It works very well. If you want to go somewhere using the sat nav, or use the telephone, you don't need to touch the screen at all. You can give it all the directions by voice. It also has a built in hard drive which means every time you put in a CD it automatically records the contents of the CD onto the hard drive including album names, track names etc.So next time you want to play a CD you don't have to have the CD with you, Its all stored on the Hard Drive. I got the replacement from a car dismantlers in Cork City: http://gerlancarparts.ie/component/option,com_virtuemart/Itemid,57/ It cost €350 (£290 approx.) for the unit, the gps antenna and the reverse camera.
  5. Hi Konrad, I have just completed changeing the radio/CD player in my Avensis for the Sat Nav type with touch screen. I have wrote a "How To" guide in the "How To" section. Click the following link if you would like to see it. http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/tutorials/article/30-how-to-replace-a-toyota-avensis-t27-radiocd-player-w53828-with-a-toyota-navigation-unit-b9012/ The Bluetooth is now working perfect and I have the added feature of a Sat Nav and a hard drive to store all my CD's. Regards, Tony
  6. Hi, I have just completed changeing my Radio/CD Player W53828 in my 2009 Avensis (T27) for a Toyota Navagitation unit B9012. See the following link on how to do it. http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/tutorials/article/30-how-to-replace-a-toyota-avensis-t27-radiocd-player-w53828-with-a-toyota-navigation-unit-b9012/
  7. How to replace a Toyota Avensis (T27) Radio/CD player W53828 with a Toyota navigation unit B9012 First disconnect the vehicle battery. There is a 20 pin connector plugged into the back of Radio/CD W53828 with the following pin out: 1. Empty 2. Empty 3. Yellow 4. Empty 5. Empty 6. Purple 7. Pink 8. Light Blue 9. Empty 10. Empty 11. White & Black 12. Empty 13. Empty 14. Empty 15. Red 16. White 17. Black 18. Orange 19. Dark Blue 20. Empty Next there is an 8 pin connector plugged into the back of Radio/CD W53828 with the following pin out: (this connector will not plug into the back of the Toyota Navigation unit B9012) 1. Blue 2. White 3. Black 4. Empty 5. Red 6. Purple 7. Empty 8. Empty The other connections are the same in both units. If you only have the Toyota Navigation unit B9012 without any of the connectors you will have to buy a speed signal cable (€10 approx.) that fits into the grey connector on the B9012, part No. PZ445-00333-04 and a GPS antenna (€25 approx.), part No. PZ445-00333-05. The GPS antenna will fit directly into the back of the B9012. If you bought the speed signal cable from a Toyota Dealer it will have 3 wires (Red, Purple & White, and Green). If you got it from a donor car it will have 2 wires (Red wire and a Yellow wire). Cut the Yellow wire that goes to pin 3 of the 20 pin connector. Connect the end that is coming from the vehicle wiring harness to the purple & white cable of the speed signal cable you purchased (or the yellow wire if you got it from a donor car). The yellow wire that is still attached to the 20 pin connector must be connected to the blue wire that is in pin 1 of the 8 pin connector. Then make the following connections: Move the white wire in pin 2 of the 8 pin connector to pin 4 of the 20 pin connector. Move the black wire in pin 3 of the 8 pin connector to pin 5 of the 20 pin connector. Move the red wire in pin 5 of the 8 pin connector to pin 13 of the 20 pin connector. Move the purple wire in pin 6 of the 8 pin connector to pin 14 of the 20 pin connector. You should now have all the Bluetooth and navigation functionality on the B9012 unit and in the proper place on the steering wheel controls. Now the Rear View or Reverse camera. If you got a rear view camera the connector for it is already inside the panel in the boot lid. However this cable only goes up as far as a grey block connector inside the left hand kick panel beside your left leg in the foot well of the passenger seat (in the case of a RHD). The connector in the boot lid will have 4 wires inside a black outer casing - White, Red, Black, and Blue. The insulation on the blue wire may only extend up the cable a few centimetres. At the other end inside the kick panel it may have orange or green insulation. This wire needs to be extended from here up to the back of the Toyota navigation unit B9012. At the back of the Toyota navigation unit B9012 make the following connections: Red wire to pin 1 of the 20 pin connector. Black wire to pin 2 of the 20 pin connector. White wire to pin 11 of the 20 pin connector (there is already a white & black wire in this position, remove it and insulate the end of it). Blue (Orange or Green) to pin 12 of the 20 pin connector. Now extend the red wire from the speed signal cable connector down to the back of the glove box. Behind the glove box there is a panel with various block connectors, relays, fuses etc. On this panel three of the block connectors are held in with black clips over the block connectors. The middle one of these block connectors has a red wire near the bottom. This is the reverse signal cable. Connect the red wire from the speed signal cable to this wire. Your reverse camera should now work.
  8. That would be a great help if you could email me on tduffyireland@yahoo.ie
  9. Hi, I am about to do the same thing ( switch my W53828 radio for a B9012 Radio). If anybody could supply wiring diagrams or connector numbers etc. I would really appreciate it, thanks.
  10. Hi Konrad, My Friend had the same model Avensis as I have (2009) with the same radio until he traded it in for a 2012 Model with the sat nav type radio. He had problems with his bluetooth in his old car. Tony
  11. Hi Konrad, I have tried everything you said (i.e. completely shutting down my phone several times, unpairing and repairing my phone etc.). I had already gone on to the link you gave me to see if my phone is compatable and it appears it is, however the facts are different. I think what I will have to do is try and get a second hand Toyota radio, the type with the large screen, like the one in the attached photo. It belongs to a friend of mine and he has the exact same phone and it works fine. I have already phoned most of the car dismantlers in Ireland but no luck so far. Thanks again for all your help.
  12. Hi Konrad, Thank you for your help. I will try resetting the radio. I have already updated the firmware on the phone.
  13. I have a 2009 Avensis with the Panasonic Radio (No sat nav). I recently got a new phone, Sony Xperia Z. My problem is sometimes when I recieve or make a call it mutes the radio but does not transfer the other persons voice out through the speakers of the car (i.e. I have to hold the phone up to my ear even though its connected to the radio). I have tried unpairing the phone off the radio and repairing it again to no avail.
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