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  1. Wow I think you are right! My dial always says 18 or 19 and that makes sense, just always thought that was average speed of course! Albeit a low average speed but with all the top starting in traffic, never even considered it! I will test it but nice one!
  2. First time toyota owner, new member. Just bought a T Sport Compressor which I am loving, had some high powered cars before and have to say this is a lot of fun! 52k miles and seems to be in good nick although time will tell me if i'm right! Something which I want confirmation on and Toyota haven't come up with a satisfactory answer is... Is it true that our trip computer will only tell me average speed and will not display mpg etc?? It doesnt seem to make sense that the standard head unit which is capable of it and works in other cars cannot tell me what my average mpg is?? I have been told
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