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  1. BlueG6

    Corolla G6

    Is there a turbo available for the 4A -FE engine in the G6? If so where could I get one from?
  2. BlueG6

    Corolla G6

    Yeah I understand that as it is a 109hp , Is it a different Bore size and bigger pistons or something to do with the fuel injection system?
  3. BlueG6

    Corolla G6

    Hi all new to this site just wanted to ask a few of you for help with my car. I was driving home last night and I was following a Citroen Saxo and Ibelieve it was a 1.4 which I've read is only 75hp so I kept with him until a long straight came and the Saxo left my G6 not big time but it was pulling away. What can I do to my car to make it up to the 100hp mark. I've though of Remap and chip I have a induction kit on it now. What is the difference in the engine of the G6 and G6R? Any suggestions would be appreciated.