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  1. tros84

    Gen 7

    Can anyone give me some advise.. there is a scent of petrol coming from the cap area. Do i have to get a replacement tank to solve this issue or there is another way to remedy my problem?
  2. tros84


    hi there i just got myself a 03 mr2 turbo engine fitted into my celica 00, need help in finding a turbo kit and necessary pipes and lines. can anyone guide me in the right direction
  3. Hi, I had the death rattel for my 7gen and purchased another engine which is from a 2003mr2 is there a big difference in them? Will it be a simple drop in change over or will I have much more to do. Help is greatly needed thanks
  4. I found a site which sells remanufactured 1zz engine (idealengine) would it be safe to purchase one from there if not is there any site where I can do so? Thanks much
  5. I have got a 00 1zz engine with a knock I want to know if a 05 1zz engine is a drop into the bay of my celica 00 and if so have the oil consumption issue been solved?? Thanks
  6. Can U have a look and give a response Thanks
  7. Here is a list of what has been done to the reconditioned engineUnits sourced from low mileage vehicles Engine blocks throughly cleaned and surfaces treated Engine Block Surfaces Machined Flat Tolerances checked on wearable items Oil pumps inspected or replaced where needed Cylinder heads skimmed or replaced where needed New OEM oil seals installed New OEM valve seals fitted Valve seats machined Valves lapped to ensure a tight seal Block cylinders inspected for cracks New cylinder liners fitted Cylinders machined to factory specs New uprated gas nitride piston rings fitted Connec
  8. I am thinking of replacing my celica vvti engine because of a ratteling sound it gives off... the site idealengine popped up and I requested a quote..before I go ahead and buy it, the there anyone who has done business with them and are satisfied with the reconditioned engine they sell??? thanks much Alex
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