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  1. aygo_rory

    Electrical fault

    In all my years in the motor trade I’ve never seen one blow!! There was no welding done on the car when it went, it was a random incident. I would be assuming that the alternator may have been to blame for that, luckily it was replaced. Looks like il have to go to the main dealer to get a replacement!
  2. aygo_rory

    Electrical fault

    I thought I would update ! i know it’s been a while, well over 18 months actually but I decided a couple of days ago to have another look at the car and this electrical issue as I want to put it back on the road, after a damn good day testing fuses, relays wires and lots of swearing and frustration I have found the problem!! i thought I would update this so if any fellow aygo owners face a similar situation they will be able to see the exact cause of the problem. i have attached a picture of what it was and it is located inside the engine fuse box! maybe now I will have a bit more enthusiasm in sorting it again!
  3. aygo_rory

    Photo of your Aygo!

    I want that clock!!!
  4. aygo_rory

    Electrical fault

    The car has sat in the back of the workshop for about 18 months so its probably been chewed up by mice
  5. aygo_rory

    Electrical fault

    Ive checked engine bay fuses and also the ones in the cluster inside. When I remove f1 on the cluster and put a positive feed into it with my tester everything works as it should which suggests its a short somewhere.
  6. aygo_rory

    Electrical fault

    OK so I've got a random electrical issue and im at a total loss as to what's wrong. The car starts and drives although I haven't got any radio, power steering, rev counter or central locking, everthing else works fine. The fuses are all good, I've checked every single one and still no luck, the car was fine and has just randomly happened. Any ideas? Its a mk1 05 plate
  7. aygo_rory

    aygo p0135

    What's the mileage
  8. aygo_rory

    aygo p0135

    Out of interest did you clear the codes once the new sensor was fitted?
  9. aygo_rory

    aygo p0135

    I'll have a look in my error code book after dinner and see what it says and get back to you.
  10. aygo_rory

    aygo p0135

    Is it petrol or diesel?
  11. aygo_rory

    Paint peeling on rear bumper

    Those parts are generally sprayed by Toyota approved bodyshops when the customer chooses the colour of the part upon initial order of the car. They are generally poorly prepped as the technicians give it a quick scotch before painting and that's why theres the issue of delamination.
  12. aygo_rory

    Aygo won't start

    Tap the starter motor with a rubber mallet, my money is on it being seized
  13. aygo_rory

    Seat Comfort

    my seats in my mk1 were horrendous so ripped them out and fitted a set of expensive cobra bucket seats in, solved the problem :)
  14. aygo_rory

    Can This Scratch Be Polished?

    hi mate, im afraid that wont polish out!, my bodyshop is only 15 mins from bedford if you want it painting ill do you a good deal,
  15. aygo_rory

    Help Aygo Not Starting!

    if it runs dry it will be a pig to start, if it wont go, spray some easy start through the air box and itl fire straight away, will cough and splutter a bit but as soon as the petrol meets the engine again itl be fine!