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  1. Specs vary by model designation, WiFi smartphone connection is available on the top 2 models in the UK All the information is in the brochure !
  2. @Llynyfanthe OP's question is about the new AYGO X, not any of the old models that just happened to have an x somewhere in the model designation. @Devon Aygohas already given the definitive answer in the second post of this topic.
  3. Haha, it's a standard response to so many questions. Let me spoon feed you further. https://www.toyota.co.uk/customer/manuals Don't get you BAR and PSI mixed up or you'll be either have something too stiff or too soft.
  4. 1 BAR = 14.5 psi so if that is true then they were way out ! Once you top them up you need to reset the TPM system before you drive off. RTFM for the Aygo X for the location of the button.
  5. Resurrecting a 9 year old topic in the Aygo section may not get much of a result !
  6. @Wiz201, yours is an automated manual, completely different to the new Aygo X (aka Aygo Cross). @sedgall new Aygo X grades come with Hill-Start Assist Control (HAC) so download the full manual and find out how to use it !
  7. I think a few people are getting confused with the old Aygo that had model designations of x-play etc and the brand new Aygo X (Cross). The new Aygo X CVT Auto is fine but revs like f*** during hard acceleration and that'll surprise a few people. As for the real manual version of both old and new models, the clutch is absolutely fine and if you cannot adapt to the way it works you really shouldn't be driving. A 1 litre car is never going to win any prizes for performance but the Aygo in all forms is a great town car and copes pretty well on the motorway, however show it a steep hill even one-up then down the gearbox you go !
  8. It was also fitted to the very last Aygos in 2021.
  9. Do you mean the ENGINE actually stops ? I found the answer from the brochure, all models have it, both manual and auto.
  10. Do any Yaris have brake shoes ? If it is a hybrid then it will just be the transition from regenerative to physical braking and completely normal. If there is no corrosion or sticking parts in the brakes, then the garage are correct and you'll just have to accept that is the way the system works.
  11. @forkingaboutplease don't confuse the issue, now you'll have encouraged Aygo owners to look for a button that does not actually exist on theirs cars. I think it was only introduced for the Aygo X. As an aside I was setting up Emergency Notification for my 2021 Aygo the other day and it gave 3 levels of crash intensity to trigger an SMS to a user defined emergency contact.
  12. The car has excellent spyware installed. Big T is watching you ! You can of course opt out of Connected Services in the MyT app.
  13. After a test drive on 17 May I asked the question and the answer was September.
  14. Haha, something HAS happened and it needs investigation. Ignore it at your peril.
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