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  1. The Yaris does not like windy weather. Full stop.
  2. Very noticeable on my 6 week old car, reminds me of the ancient Toyotas I drove back in Oman in the mid 1980s
  3. The question is when was the oil level last checked ?
  4. It is not an issue that is likely to be covered by an MOT test, so the dealer is not to blame for anything and seems to be pretty much on the ball. If you have had a burning smell on and off for more than 3 years and not done anything about it you are walking on thin ice. The dealer has assessed the issue and advised it needs further investigation, so you either do that with the associated costs or risk a major failure. I fail how to see any damage could occur in a strip down, they may find other issues but you would need those to be fixed anyway.
  5. @Devon Aygo and @S@un My brand new AYGO has a R type space saver spare
  6. Don't forget to tell your insurance company, anything apart from the recommended size may invalidate your policy.
  7. @Damilola, this topic is over 6 years old ! It was up to you to check the specification of the vehicle. Time for a trip to Halfords or another retailer. https://www.halfords.com/technology/sat-nav/car-sat-nav/
  8. Try turning the cabin heater down, it makes a lot of difference to winter mpg.
  9. I am pretty sure you cannot legally fit LED headlights without a levelling and washing system.
  10. @Mick F, FUN ! Just like my GRMN. Maybe you have never gone out just for a blast.
  11. @Bemused2 , LOL, I got so many negative comments when I announced in the Prius group I was selling up and buying a Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 about 10 years ago. They couldn't understand I had just got bored with the Prius. @MCG_1983 enjoy your new toy when it arrives !
  12. @lani100 I've had 2.5 years of fun with my GRMN, something different always comes along whatever you drive. I think a few GR owners are going to get a bit of a shock with the extra workshop visits that are required, a safety check every 6 months and a service every 6500 miles or 1 year, whichever comes first.
  13. I'm sure you'll enjoy it ! Not quite as rare as my GRMN though 😉
  14. The instructions clearly say the engine must be running and you even have to confirm it on the screen !
  15. Perfectly normal message, but not usual to see it that quickly. How old is the vehicle ? Follow the handbook advice.
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