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  1. martswain


    As your new Yaris has both regenerative and normal braking, it does take a bit of getting used to. Try lifting off the throttle earlier and then a longer period of light braking, you can then recover more energy than a late hard stop. You'll soon get the hang of it ! Anticipation and smooth driving reap their rewards in hybrids. PS. I had 4 hybrids before I traded up to the mental GRMN.
  2. Average MPG from last time you started the car until you stop it, as simple as that. Same with "Since Refuel" which is even more obvious or "Since Reset", the last time you pushed the reset button. Don't over-think it !
  3. Same here on the GRMN, it's exactly as it says, since you last started the vehicle.
  4. Stick it in "D" or "R" as necessary. "EV" mode is useful for moving short distances, such as in and out of a garage, but on the road it can force the traction battery below the optimal level which means the petrol engine then runs longer to get back to the normal charge range. Do not stress trying to keep the traction battery at a particular level, Toyota have spent millions of Yen on making hybrids work without too much driver intervention. "B" mode, only use on steep or long downhill roads. If you have Cruise Control, use it whenever possible, the system can adjust the throttle much better than you, so economy improves. Once up to the lower speed limits (30/40) briefly lift off the throttle to encourage the care to go into electric mode, then gently re-apply throttle to maintain speed. When slowing down, anticipate more and use a gentle press for longer to maximise regenerative braking. Don't be surprised if your rear discs get a bit rusty, they only get used when the pedal is pressed pretty hard or below about 10 MPH. You will notice that winter economy is significantly worse than summer, it likes to keep ITSELF warm and if you like to be toasty too, that will exacerbate the situation. Air Conditioning use make hardly any difference to economy. I have had 4 hybrids, all from Toyota/Lexus and the Yaris had the greatest variation from summer to winter economy.
  5. My battery lasted the 4 years that I owned my hybrid, no sign of it failing when I sold the car.
  6. The Thai Yaris and the saloon version, ATIV, are all 1197 cc. The Thai Vios have all been 1497 cc for many years. Check where it was built !
  7. Very interesting experiment and it validates what I have always thought about Toyota/Lexus hybrids, just bung it in D or R and let the computers do the rest.
  8. martswain

    Sat nav

    Buy a cheap Satnav with updates for life ! The built-in Toyota version is pretty clunky and map updates are very expensive.
  9. I had my Yaris hybrid for 4 years, rear disks replaced due to corrosion after about 10 months. What accumulates around the rear wheels is rust-dust rather than anything from the pads ! The brake system was checked for balance and the situation improved slightly after a bleed of the system. As the handbrake actually uses the rear pads, to keep the disks relatively rust-free I used a couple of seconds of the handbrake every now and then when I noticed a build up of rust.
  10. GRMN started first time once again after 61 days !
  11. I've tried all 4 of my Toyota hybrids on ordinary fuels, both from major supermarkets and major companies and also BP Ultimate and Tesco Momentum. No difference on any of them, performance or MPG Never had any fuel systems issues, never needed any magic cleaners or boosters.
  12. I have also had a few hybrids, 2 Prius, one Yaris and a Lexus CT200. They have all been left for 60 odd days, however, always pulled the fuse that runs the equipment that is live with the ignition off (immobiliser/alarm etc). The cars were left in a locked garage which is integral with my house, so does not get too cold. The 12V batteries have always provided enough power to start the electrics and the traction batteries only lose 1 or 2 bars over that time, so they always started first time too.
  13. My Yaris GRMN has just started after being left for 62 days, not even a flicker from the dashboard, it cranked normally and fired up within 2 seconds. A 12V battery should not discharge within 3 days unless lights or accessories have been left on by accident.
  14. I ran 4 hybrids over the last few years, never seen that monitor go below 2 bars and very rarely does it get to full either. Don't stress about it, just let the system look after the battery. If your force it into EV mode, the battery may go lower than usual, but that is a false economy as the engine will then run for longer to get it into normal range. In the end, I just left it in "D", never bothered with "B", "ECO" or "EV" in normal driving. "EV" only used for 20 feet trips into and out of my garage, just to prevent the engine starting for a very short period.
  15. In my hybrid days, I always used N and handbrake, no creep or annoying lights for the person behind. If you use the brake pedal, I think it may stop the system creep, but the handbrake does not, if I am wrong someone will correct me I am sure. Using PARK means the transmission is locked and if you get shunted there may be damage. I vaguely remember something about the hybrid charging system being disconnected in N and after a while you get a message to engage P.