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  1. @Damilola, this topic is over 6 years old ! It was up to you to check the specification of the vehicle. Time for a trip to Halfords or another retailer. https://www.halfords.com/technology/sat-nav/car-sat-nav/
  2. Try turning the cabin heater down, it makes a lot of difference to winter mpg.
  3. I am pretty sure you cannot legally fit LED headlights without a levelling and washing system.
  4. @Mick F, FUN ! Just like my GRMN. Maybe you have never gone out just for a blast.
  5. @Bemused2 , LOL, I got so many negative comments when I announced in the Prius group I was selling up and buying a Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 about 10 years ago. They couldn't understand I had just got bored with the Prius. @MCG_1983 enjoy your new toy when it arrives !
  6. @lani100 I've had 2.5 years of fun with my GRMN, something different always comes along whatever you drive. I think a few GR owners are going to get a bit of a shock with the extra workshop visits that are required, a safety check every 6 months and a service every 6500 miles or 1 year, whichever comes first.
  7. I'm sure you'll enjoy it ! Not quite as rare as my GRMN though 😉
  8. The instructions clearly say the engine must be running and you even have to confirm it on the screen !
  9. Perfectly normal message, but not usual to see it that quickly. How old is the vehicle ? Follow the handbook advice.
  10. The OP hasn't been online for 5 years ! I doubt you'll get an answer.
  11. Check the rear discs, they are prone to a bit of rust due to the fact they are only lightly loaded, most of the braking being regenerative. The handbrake actually works on the discs, so a gentle pull on that can "polish" them nicely without much wear, I used to do it on the dual carriageway exit slip road. There has been a lot of discussion on driving advice, however I found that the best solution is to select "D" and let the system get on with it. "B" mode should not be used unless descending long and steep hills, nowhere else. "ECO" mode just makes the accelerator pedal m
  12. My dealer is not currently washing or vacuuming vehicles after services to minimise who has contact with them. All interior surfaces and handles touched during the service were wiped down. Didn't touch any bodywork or the dipstick for a week or so !
  13. It will hurt top speed a little, but as most cars can easily exceed 90 mph, you'll never notice unless you are on a track. Unless you are using full throttle every time you accelerate, there will be plenty of excess power to overcome the 1-4 HP that a typical modern A/C unit consumes, acceleration in normal driving will be exactly the same. @Biomecanoid you won't even notice it, you'll just have to plant your right foot a little harder in your little Sirion. Of course you use more fuel, but you'll only really notice it in stop-start traffic on a hot day.
  14. I concur, the use of A/C makes a very marginal difference to fuel consumption on modern cars, it cannot be nothing but your feet make the greatest difference to MPG (no offence intended to those with hand controls) Being lucky enough to always change to a brand new vehicles, I have found that the inside of all the glass needs a good clean even if it appears clear, I am convinced some of that "new car" smell is actually chemicals that contaminate the glass and encourage misting. The problem seems to go away after a couple of months.
  15. I hope this soap opera has a happy ending !
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