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  1. Under the brake pedal there is a switch. When you push the brake pedal , the pedal presses that electric switch and the stop lamps start to light. See the photo below. Also before the replacement please check the abs unit electronically in an authorized repair shop.
  2. I had the same problem. It is created by the break pedal switch valve. If you replace it (it is Cheap) you will definately solve this problem. Please have in mind that when abs light comes on it is possible that the stop lights are NOT operational...
  3. The fuel gauge meter is asembled with the fuel pump.If the meter is "dead" take the pump out and replace it as a whole set.If it does not register o full fuel tank then there must be dirt on the sender.Perhaps you need to clean the fuel tank,Hope that i have helped you.
  4. Remove the facia of the radiocassette.Then you should see at the Top (left and right side) 2 small holes.You put a filler into these holes and you pull (gently) the radio out!
  5. No need to break anything.Just remove the security front and use filler blade to uninstall the radio deck.
  6. Actually it is the flasher relay which is made by Denso Japan.It is placed in an awkward place close to the fuse box above the clutch.In order to locate it, use the flash (e.g left) and try to find it from the noise (tik-tik) that it makes.
  7. Clean the switch with pure alcohol or a contact spray.After drying then reinstall it.Try to use a switch that is installed in a japan made carina. Try to avoid switches from e.u manifacturers.I have a uk built carina e.(1/1996).The Electric system has differences with the japan made model.
  8. The corona as a taxi with the 75hp diesel (without turbo) could reach easily about 1.200.000 km with proper maintenance.Then it needs a rebuilt.The corona with 83hp (turbocharged) about 1.000.000.The 4afe (petrol) makes about 450.000 - 500.000 km.Then needs a rebuilt.
  9. Ask for a grille from a manifacturer callled KOYO it has compatible and very good quality radiators.I think it will cost you about 70 pounds as a spare part.
  10. First of all you should have the Haynes repair manual somewhere because it is very helpful. Before doing anything ask a Toyota Service specialist about the compatibility of your task.The most difficult point is the electronic peripherals point.I am talking about ECU,Catalyst,O2 sensor, Lambda sensor etc.I dont know how parts made from denso (carina gti) can cooperate with bosch or valeo parts(carina uk).
  11. The carina gti had different front suspension and steering system that has a lot of differences with the 1.8 lt model. Also the gti was assembled in japan (Frame Number starts with JT... ) and you are going to have problems with the Electric system of the engine (management etc).The japanese model has totally different ecu and peripherals than the uk model.(Frame Number starts with SB...)
  12. gnikas

    Knock Sensor

    I have the same 4afe engine in my uk built carina.Check the Air intake temperature sensor and your O2 sensor.The injectors (green-yellow Top) should be replaced at 200.000 km with NEW ones.(Preferable the black-silver top ones-Japan made).Cleaning is ok but does not last long...
  13. I had the same problem 8 years ago and the problem was the failure of the rear break light switch under the brake pedal.
  14. An excellent for me choice is the excel-g from KYB (black colour).Unbelievable duration(more than 100.000km) at proper cost