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  1. Hi Mike, I find it strange that Toyota did the recall then 3 months later the Airbag light comes on, they do not want to claim any responsibility for it. They have investigated and the light went out, but it has since come back. Its a good shout regarding an independant garage/bodyshop, I luckily know a few of these. Even considering upgrading her Yaris to a later model is met with evils, I shan't be suggesting it in the future! and woah, £750? Surely they cant be that expensive, I would assume most of it is labour as you have to remove the dashboard etc. Thanks for the suggestions though.
  2. I'd suggest the battery in your key. My Yaris took a while to unlock and lock, it didn't always start on first click of the button. The yellow key on the dash indicates the car cant see the key, again, I had this with mine. and also, the bleeping when you turn the car off, I had with mine! It cost me a couple of pound and the issue was sorted. No more lights or bleeps :)
  3. I would avoid the SR180/T180. I went shopping for one, for my trust Toyota dealership to tell me to avoid at all costs due to engine, egr and other issues. I drove the 2010 1.6 Valvematic SR, I was impressed and it packed 140hp, which is considerably more than your standard Focus, Golf etc. If it wasn't for the paintwork on the SR, I would have bought it! The Hybrid is surprisingly good too, its quite pokey and the steering is pretty light, again the 1.8 petrol puts out 136hp.
  4. Hi all, My fiancee's Yaris shows the airbag light, this has been back to my friends at Toyota who have advised that she requires a whole new airbag at a cost of around £500. The car is worth slightly more than the amount (She has the full TTE kit on a GLS, there isn't many around) so therefore I believe it would sell for a little more than a normal car of its age. Does anyone have any suggestions on what we can try? £500 is expensive just after Christmas and before our Wedding. I also dont like her driving it as the airbag will not deploy in the event of an accident. Thanks!
  5. Hi Mike, Yes there are various videos around cleaning the EGR valve, but its not something I'd feel confident doing! :( And knowing some private businesses, they may do just that! I also use Shell V-Power in the Yaris, and I get a better return in MPG over long trips and the engine feels more responsive. The RAV4 looks unbelievably good with the T180 kit on I have to agree, and I believe Toyota have a 12 year warranty against there paint protection? And Heidfirst, I haven't looked at any other diesels, as I have always been a Toyota person!
  6. Hi Mike, Exterior wise, Wow what a car. I like the alloys in particular, it makes the car stand out. Looking at the issues list as per above, and being advised by a Service Manager from Toyota themselves, they advised to steer clear. Primarily on the Cat having issues, the EGR valve blocking and various pipes blocking. Supposedly all of the 2.2DCAT engines, (RAV4, Avensis and Auris) all have the same problems. The issues have been resolved by Toyota, but the T180 I was looking at was on a 57 plate with 60k, which would sit outside of Toyota's replacement scheme. The new 2.2DCAT has some change
  7. My 2006 T-Spirit does the same thing, when slowing from 20 to 10mph to change down to 1st gear, I find it hard to select 1st.. Might speak with Toyota and find out what they say
  8. I was also looking at the T180/SR180 Having worked at Toyota and speaking to my old colleague (Service Manager) he advised to steer clear of these engines! Apparently the new 2.2DCAT isn't much good either.
  9. Ah okay awesome :) I will visit them sometime soon! Thanks again!
  10. Awesome thanks for the replies! Would you happen to have a link to the bulletin? I've searched the net and can't find anything :( And I will try that! Thanks :)
  11. Hi Mark, If I remember rightly, I believe its simply an image within the stick, and that it wont light up. I may be wrong, But I believe the Prius is exactly the same. Sam.
  12. Hi all, Ive noticed an annoying whistle coming from the passenger side window area whilst doing above 60mph, If I drop below 60 it goes, but anything up to 70 it stays.. Also I have problems selecting 1st with the clutch fully depressed when doing about 5-8mph when rolling up to a roundabout.. Its annoying as my car wont pull away in 2nd going so slow! Any suggestions, or is this normal? Thanks
  13. Im glad im not the only one whos got this!
  14. Hello again, I think I will take it back to the dealer (3 month warranty) and see what they say, Its nice to know what could be causing it! Sam
  15. Hi Doug, I have the same issue but with the drivers rear door not unlocking. Does your daughter have the conventional key, or the keyless entry fob? (Mines keyless) Sorry I couldn't be of help, Atleast we know there is another Yaris with the same issue!
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