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  1. glad its not the 1.6 hdi/tdci effort. bmw diesels are the best imo
  2. what components are you looking to locate? stuff that should be shown in the drivers handbook or more hidden components like ecu locations etc mostly found in service manuals or autodata?
  3. hi just looking to smarten up the interior after Christmas really just get the oem stereo changed probably the speakers too I suppose and to ask if the centre console above the stereo that is a garbage trip computer and an even garbagier sat nav lol with the ancient lcd over orange backlight. its just depressing. are there any different centre console setups on different models? are these any good I don't mean the available functions but the quality and reliability, are they just Chinese rubbish? are there any recommendations for other types of stereos? and finally I have seen a parts diagram somewhere at some point and it showed a centre armrest. I only have a storage bucket with no armrest, is it just a case of looking through scrapyards to see if I can find a model with armrest as standard . all my internet searching just shows ebay universal bolt on armrests but I don't fancy them thanks
  4. seen this in a sticky so I am corrected "Make sure recall work has been carried out. If the engine intermittently cuts out and the fault cannot be diagnostically traced it may be due to a faulty safety fuel cut-off solenoid switch. On D-4D, cutting out can also be caused by a build of of salts on a hot wire in the mass airflow sensor."
  5. egr maf and scv don't cut out car completely id be looking at crank sensor poss even cam sensor sometimes this happens id say it has went into a "safe" fuel map aka limp home mode if it has maxxed out at 1500 rpm has eml light came on ? chances are it has stored a fault code should still be in ecu memory unless it has been cleared or battery has been disconnected for 10 mins. I use a £10 Bluetooth elm327 and the torque app on my phone to talk to my avensis. talking of battery its always a good thing to check connections and earths too. some older cars show these symptoms due to worn keyswitch or relays
  6. boboo

    Valve Seals?

    id spend a fiver on a bottle of wynns engine oil stop leak ive never been a great fan of bottles of miricale additive as they either don't work or have temporary effects. but I do try them from time to time . I have had results with stopping crankshaft oil seal leaks etc with this stuff as it rejuivinates the rubber or whatever. it may or may not work and might give a clue if it is your valve seals. just another note not always true but a good rule of thumb valve seals / guide issues oil usually runs down the valve when motor switched off so on restart you get a lot of smoke then it burns off and clears abit piston issues may seem more smoke under a higher engine load ( max weight pulling up an incline as opposed to cruising at 60mph) and as you say pulling away from the lights gives you the big puffs and you have a 16.6 % difference in one of your cylinders compression a makes me sway towards piston/ring/ cylinder issues. valve seats and hg can cause the cause the deviation too though. hg have different symptoms you don't always get cross contamination of water and oil it can be between oil gallery and cylinder or as stated above a crack. how were your spark plugs? was there a hot and cold compression check done / any difference? is there any access to remove inlet manifold to see if possible to view fresh oil run down any valves?
  7. theory right formula wrong not vir but piv common mistake to quote the power formula as ohms law
  8. yours may be the one with the scv issues as found on the rav 4 early d4d engines do a youtube search easy to change
  9. I heard ( but might be wrong) it was down to the sixth gear getting used to early by fuel conscious drivers labouring the engine and coking up the combustion chambers, very little tolerance in there for any build up of anything bit of carbon scoring on cylinders and sticking rings bit of excess oil consumption bit of accelerated combustion chamber build up bit of piston mash up ( probably as referred to carbon stamping earlier) that really knocks the stuffing out the head and gasket. hey who knows its all hear say , ive never inspected one.
  10. 1cd engine here and that's what I wanted before I bought it due to it being bombproof just keep t belt schedule and also 5k oil changes, mines feels brand new and great torque cant complain. also done run from Glasgow to blackpool then back( not in the same day) not hanging around, cost £40 in real world money im happy with that as my last motor averaged 19mpg
  11. bad luck with the turbo mate. I have rebuilt many turbos and its not the black art its made out to be. parts are available ( if turbo is strippable) do a wee search on google for "turbo chra" and "the turbo guy" to give yourself a bit of knowledge. the inducer and exducer of the compressor wheel is very fragile and balanced and this will be no doubt damaged with the foreign object the rest should be ok so should be easy cheap compressor wheel fit and balance. as for your worries of anything entering engine - this is slim. ive had a few turbos having shat their guts out and not got past the intercooler. intercooler will need cleaned out. another note is the oil you describe very common to get a film of oil on the induction hosing from breather entering intake after maf but before turbo. you can imagine if the air filter is blocked there will also be more suction at the breather. hopefully any pcv system should stop this. I just bought my avensis from my neighbour who knows diesels and he has done a breath to atmosphere mod and blanked the egr to let the diesel engine function the way it wants to. he showed me the immaculate air intake when he was servicing it last month. especially
  12. or take a key replacement insurance add on. wait a week them claim
  13. haha I know mate its just the way I express masel coz am a weegie lol. yeah I do it the oldschool way and use the media blaster and all that jazz but the scrappy still have their uses for older cars, I don't like paying dealer prices when I see them getting parts deliveries from dingbro giving their storemen the cheapest of drivetec stuff lol