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  1. Hi guys, I posted before about my bad t sport brakes, when engine off brake pedal is hard,, when on it can go near the floor and car crawls to a stop. Garage bled the brakes few weeks ago 4 times, but still same. I think brakes master cylinder has got internal leak. Do you guys have an idea about the cost of buying one dealer or beakers? Thanks
  2. Hi guys. I need your help with this issue, Brake discs and pads and one caliper have been replaced and system bled many times, pedal is firm when engine is off, but when on it does feel soft and the car does not stop very well. Mechanic tested it and said servo and master cylinder are fine, he bled the brakes but it is still soft, if u press the pedal hard when engine is on , it will sink down near the floor. Do I have air in the ABS module? Any help will be much appreciated. Cheers
  3. Hi. Sorry for posting again , but i am not happy with the car at all , it is not smooth at all , you have to be an angel with the clutch pedal to make it not kick, it does not inspire any confidence at traffic lights. The clutch smells if kept too long on bitting point above 3k rpm,but the clutch pedal is not high. The gear change isnt very smooth but manageable. Any advice guys whether i should go for it bite the bullet and get clutch changed if that will solve these problems? Or it will be another waste of money? Thanks
  4. Any help is much appreciated. Thx
  5. Hi. Thanks for everyone on this forum, my CTS has quite notchy gear change especially 2nd gear ,i can drive it ok , but the gear change isnt a smooth thing. I heared about gearbox oil change might improve this. Does anyone know how to do it ( detailed instructions) and tools and oil type/grade needed? How much does it cost to do it at dealers or independants? Cheers
  6. Springs are around 100 pounds on ebay for a decent quality. Shocks are more expensive though. Some are 150 pounds each, but there are some about 80 pounds each. Eurocarparts website will give u enough idea.
  7. U can buy lowering springs and shocks instead. They r cheaper.
  8. I ve decided to upload some pictures to explain the situation.
  9. Thnks for your answer. What i discovered after trying to fit the trut brace was that the original tower strut top nut is too big so i was left with very little thread , so i tought getting similar size nuts but smaller will free more thread. I do not know if i can use ordinary nuts instead of original toyota ones? Any ideas about tower strut top nuts torque spec?
  10. Just tried to fit the strut brace,but because of the thickness of it there was not enough thread left in the bolt, I was wondering if it is possible to replace the big original nuts with ones much shorter ? Can i usr any kind of nuts or i have to buy original ones from toyota
  11. Hi. Am planning to fit a front strut brace to the front of my Tsport hoping for better handling. Do i have to use a torque wrench ,? What is the correct torque setting? Can i just do it with a spanner? Do you have to replace strut tower bolts if there is very little thread left after strut bracw fitting? Sorry guys, i am a newbee, trying to make this car handle a bit better. Thanks for all members
  12. Thx for quick reply. I heard from many people that drilled discs get cracks , and grooved wear the pads but not a big worry .
  13. Hi everyone. First of all i would like to thank everybody in this wonderful forum which i personally find very useful and helpful. My Corolla T sport 2002 will need new brakes front and rear soon, i know thay dealers parts might be the best option but budget is tight. I ve seen some nice grooved discs on ebay from Mintbitz they seem to be affordable. But has anyone ever used them? I was thinking to buy these with some mintex pads. Any ideas from your experience.? Thank you.
  14. Hi. My t sport 2002 clutch does smell a bit when u rev and stay on bitting point for longer than few seconds, also there is a slight judder when moving off.pedal is not high and clutch does not slip. But there is always a kick when lifting foot from pedal after changing gears.i always have to release pedal very gently to avoid this. Car is done 71000 miles. Dont know when last time clutch done. How much does a decent clutch cost? Best brands? Or toyota original clutch kit is better? How much is labour to replace clutch kit at a garages? Thx for your help guys. Any suggestions appreciated
  15. Hi. I have got a problem with my passenger side front brakes. Alloy gets hot. I got the caliper pins and piston cleaned. But that didnt solve the problem. Had the same problem with driver rear caliper. But when the piston was pushed out and cleaned it now solved the problem....both caliper pistons had rust and dirt in them. I heared that bore seals tend to swell and pistons get corrosion and become less smooth. A friend told me that i need to get new piston and seals -refurb kit- and that will solve the problem. Any help is much appreciated. Toyota corolla 1.8 Tsport 2002 Thanks