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  1. Hazzard

    Front Seats

    They really look good. Did you have to modify them to fit? Sent from my iPad using Toyota OC
  2. I try some 17x8 205/40 et20 they poke out about 25mm from the front arch, back poke out about 10mm. I use a apps called wheel tire calculator.
  3. Thanks for the help seat belts are plug in. So I'll see if its the plastic flap
  4. Hi can anyone help, my car has a knocking noise from the rear now and again mainly when I turn right ( roundabout ) I've check the spring and they look fine and pushed up and down on the rear suspension and nothing :( Sent from my iPad using Toyota OC
  5. i've always found they have, as you have a lower centre of gravity and are stiffer springs than standard. coilovers are the best way if you really want better handling tho but not cheaper and i think only two company make them i think. bc racing and tein
  6. thanks craig for your help :)
  7. Cheers Craig. been looking but no one looks like they have used them on a iq. What size wheel and tyres are you using with the Eibach if you don't mind
  8. has any one tried the tein high tech lowering springs on their iq?
  9. I've got one its rubber one side and material on the other. Its got a split down the middle so you can have one seat down and the other up. It fold up to fit in the boot area.
  10. Those headlight look awesome. Those reflector light are meant to reflect but they don't very well I've heard
  11. Hazzard


    I've put fly eye tint on them.
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