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  1. Hi, I have a 98' reg 1.3 corolla & I'm having problems with my car alarm...(it's currently 3am & I'm searching the internet for help!) it keeps going off for what seems like no reason at all I have just had a recovery unit out but the guy hadn't a clue how to turn it off & just disconnected my battery. Problem is I need to use the car to take my kids to school so obviously need the battery but until I can get the alarm sorted I need it to not be connected so it stops going off at 1 am....& 1.20am & 2 am (you get the point!) any ideas on how I disconnect the alarm wiring? My hubby & I have searched through the manual & of course it doesn't tell me how to do this!! Anyone had similar problems or know a way I can disconnect the alarm wiring & still be able to lock my car withy key? Any help would be greatly appreciated (by me & my neighbours!!) thanks! 😁
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