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  1. It seems like someone here has interest no one to say any true about bad points or potential big issues with Toyota models. I may have only few posts in your forum but this doesn't make me less experienced in cars than anyone else here or any car reviewer out there. Oops, forgot to mention that Toyota cars build in UK are not as good as the Toyota build in Japan, and all real Toyota fans know that:) Wish you good luck.
  2. I had 4 Prius 2 classic gen 3 and two Plus 2014 and 2015, plus Auris hsd gen 1 never had any vibrations all driven everywhere in any conditions. Then I went for an Auris diesel 1.4 gen 2 and that was my worst car experience ever. I am not joking but if that car has to past test for health environment will fail for sure. At speed of 65mph on M40 from Stradford upon Avon toward London that car vibrated so badly that even the rear view mirror was shaking and I didn't get a clear view behind, vibrations were very thin and sharp, similar to a massage chair:) , felt through steering wheel, pedals, a
  3. The chain you are talking about is also called a belt, and despite there are no other belts or chains and pulleys there are bearings that would benefit fresh oil plus the gears, and yes there is a dry clutch in. If you don't like to change don't have to, but there is no reason ppl that want not to do it, a regular change with the correct oil will extend the life of the tranny no doubt. Cheers
  4. Fully agreed with you. Cvt in gen 2 has a belt and gen 3 has not, so much more reliable, but again if oil gets old and dirty will be more likely to cause trouble in the time. Dealers are always been rip off, don't understand here so many people trust them so much!? Also depends how the car has been driven, (mostly in town longer life on cvt oil, regular motorway journeys shorter life) how the fluid been working, few overheats on the tranny can make oil dark as night and viscosity is lost forever. I strongly recommend cvt oil check and change at 60k miles or with the first service after you got
  5. When this vibrations coming, at low speed or speeds over 40mph? Can you feel them on any road surfaces or only on specific type of tarmac? Can't believe hybrids get vibrations? Also when you get this vibrations do you feel them through steering wheel, pedals, seats? What is the size of your tyres? Can you notice when car vibrates does you rear view mirror vibrates too so no clear view behind?
  6. Regular change of all fluids in your car can only extend the life of the car and its components (engine, transmission, brake system, cooling system and hydraulic power steering all needs a fresh fluid at some point of its life). Even some manufacturers says fill for life oil or maintainece free it's a good idea to get it done if the car turns over 5-6 years old or certain mileage. In regards to the life of the 3 gen Priuses they can do easily over 200k , there are some examples there with those miles from Prius and Lexus CT200h.
  7. The review on autotrader is for the exactly same model Auris 2013-2015, and it's absolutely true, low profile tyres only contribute to the vibration and poor ride plus torque vectoring on acceleration and braking but it's not a main reason for the vibrations. In my case and the guy from autotrader cars were equipped with 16" wheels on 205/55 16 tyres, so no low profile tyres issue. This cars has a major problems but most of the people don't realise it because they don't drive them on motorways a lot. If you drive mostly in town you may never find out.
  8. I think pretty typical for the model, whenever you look and whatever you touch it screams "cheap ", the quality of the Auris is very poor in comparison with some other Toyota models. It's a mass production car and seems like Toyota doesn't build cars to last anymore but build cars to be sold. I strongly recommend a visit to the dealer to fix lights and door. In the cold weather hard plastics become even harder and this can be the other reason for the rattling noises you get from interior, it's all made from recycled plastic.
  9. Hi, does your seat has a lumbar support adjustment if yes you can try to adjust and find the right position. Previous model Auris has no lumbar support adjustment and I find it very uncomfortable as is factory set a bit more supportive then other cars without the same function, there are few complaints about it on autotrader reviews page.
  10. Well, I agree they are very similar, however the second gen is worse then the first one and it's a pure example of how car manufacturers has lowered the quality of the new cars, not only Toyota but all.
  11. No offence but Auris gen 2 are horrible cars, they have kind of design flaw which Toyota will never accept it. Yes, they vibrate very badly, I had experienced this trouble and learned my lesson: not all Toyotas are good. Noise in the cabin plus vibration fell through the pedals steering wheel and seats, not only uncomfortable but even not safe to drive these cars. My one was 13 reg Auris 1.4 diesel and i thought was because of the Diesel engine but then I found reviews on auto trader a man with 1.6 petrol Airis had complain of the same problems. I returned my car on the very same day, lost som
  12. If you go for an Auris Hybrid all is good, I think a year old one are great deal as you said, but If you thinking of diesel they are horribly noisy and unrefined, better get a VW. Good luck
  13. Are you buying a brand new car or used one? If you buy a new one then I would say go for whatever you like to drive and makes you feel happy, but if you buying a used car 3 years and older there is no doubt the hybrid is better option. When Diesel cars gets old they had so many thinks to go wrong and they always do so the money you save from fuel you will spend on repairs, also with the time their efficiency and cleanliness will decrease so no win here, also diesels are rough to drive in traffic and hybrids are so smooth that sometimes you may feel as a pax too instead of a driver. You can dri
  14. Auris in terms of fuel efficiency is very similar to a Prius Plus, around 50mpg average, however standard Prius is slightly more economical at around 60mpg. Many Prius drivers including me too, had achieved figures close to the one on paper but because of the driving style and in fact that many of us are private hire drivers and most of the time we drive night time when there is no traffic and many red lights. These hybrids are at their best in this circumstances.
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