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  1. It will be, but hasn't done yet... ! Yes love the Castrol look and had it on my old 1977 Toyota Celica when I was stage rallying that.
  2. Well the work is continuing with the restoration now that we can get more parts as lockdown has eased. Currently doing all the welding underneath with new sills etc and replacing all shocks, brake callipers, disks and pads. Also replacing all bushes for poli ones. Purchased replacement rear bumper and engine hood/spoiler, all I need now is a front bumper if anyone has one, preferably in white! Have also purchased some Momo aftermarket wheels that need restoration, but that should be underway in the next couple of weeks. Also have purchased new rally bucket seats, 6-point harnesses and Sparco steering wheel ready for installation. The car is going to be used for grassroots motorsport so will be a non-FIA regulated car. But a nice nod hopefully to the brands Motorsport history. That said see the picture below which is a mock-up of the look I am going for. Will take pics and upload them over the next few weeks of the internal and external works!
  3. This is my 4th Toyota and always wanted an MR2 just for throwing about on some track days etc to keep my eye in...but will keep her for many years. Will certainly keep this post active with advancements! G
  4. Hi Hope you are all well and keeping safe (Guess this is the new hello, in these difficult times) Have just purchased this MK2 MR2 which is in need of some love and restoration. See some pictures below ... some interesting works to be carried out, as I hate the wheels (!) and the bumpers and spoiler has some strange damage marks, but hay ho, will all be sorted out at the body shop I am sure! Would be really interested in some ideas for wheels although am intending to do some grass roots motorsport so need to be more metal in them than air! Have attached some pics for you to see her current state Regards Gareth aka "Carlos" as used to compete in a 1977 Toyota Celica Rally Car (Now have an Ex Work Escort Cosworth rally car!)
  5. Cheers!! I have the crash video somewhere.. will dig it out! Gareth
  6. Hi all, Been busy so not been on this site for a few years. Here is a you tube clip to remind some of you of my car and myself! - Restoring her this winter! Gareth
  7. Hi all Been busy for a fair while so not been on this site for a few years. Here is a you tube clip to remind some of you of my car and myself! We are starting to rebuild her now to do Gravel/forest rallyng events and could do with some pointers if you know anyone with some motorsport parts for the car, then get in touch! As we go through we will keep you up to date with the progress as we need to loose some weigh off the old girl as well as rebuild her. Will post more soon! Gareth
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