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  1. no.. it is 6 points in 2 yrs and parkin offences dont do s**t.
  2. when the pigs turn up in the main race in the fast and the furious and every1 tries to getaway,,,i noticed in one of the shots theres a whiteMK1 supra in the bottom left of the screen.. i think i watched this film to much. oh well might as well watch it again now.
  3. RJ De Vera made a MR-S with a turbo not sure what it involves but maybe itll tell u on he's web site dont know if its any help. but check it out anyway
  4. i wanna get a new wheel for my corolla 1.3 gl but wanna know if any1 else has done this and how easy was gettin a boss kit for it??
  5. thank u my friend......for such a helpful answer......might sort it out in a couple of weeks time.....think of all that weight loss :D :D :D
  6. i may be well off...but its worth lookin into.....are the earths all ok.. as i think this could cause such a problem. i may be wrong cos im only just gettin started with cars....but hope im right
  7. if thats your car you are the f**king looks sweeeeeeet..
  8. steve told me the delete option had be taken away
  9. yeah that what i thought...but someone (not saying any names steve) got rid of the delete
  10. slite moment of madness there... :D
  11. what made you buy a toyota??? i bought mine because i wanted a car to mod..every1 buys civics so i though what kinda looks like a civic but is different, then what did i see.....1989 corolla hatch just had to have one..
  12. cant work out how to delete the topics ive submitted that i nolonger want...used to be easy :(
  13. ive started this topic because of a previous conversation.... its a chance to let some anger out and tell people about your experiences with those tailgating tossers.. the best one ive had was when some ****** in white transit thought it would be a good idea to tailgate me in 30mph zone with speed cams.....i was doin 30 and he kept at it...what did he want me to do, go faster so he could do the same and we both get 3 points from the i stopped.....hahaha.....cos he was tailgatting there wasnt enough room for him to move round me...and guess who got back to the 30mph limit quicker
  14. are you sure i can tempt you with a McChickenNugget
  15. i dont take it up the ***** if people try and give me one up the ***** i brake for em...i mean whos gonna end up worst off