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  1. Not having heated seats I cannot say for sure. I would have thought that the seat will heat up then cut off because by then your backside will be providing the heat. As with anything else if you are not happy a trip to the dealer is needed.
  2. Miseryguts


    My TomTom did the same thing although it was fine on my previous car. Took my car into Toyota and they got the plug out free of charge. As to why it stuck,God knows,maybe the springs are too stiff,who knows. I bought an aftermarket one from Amazon,no problem.
  3. Blimey its like a trip down memory lane :-))
  4. I had the same question,dealer explained it to me.
  5. I have a 2013 Auris and can confirm that the dipped beam is somewhat "lacking"in performance. My previous car (not a Toyota) had HID's (the car cost £3000 LESS than my Auris) and the difference is staggering. Trouble is that people buy cars during the day,when headlights are not needed,you only find out how rubbish they are when you actually OWN the car.
  6. My hearings not that good,on my 2013 Auris the lights on "buzzer" is so quiet that my far younger neighbour could only just hear it. I asked my dealer why was it so low,he said customers wanted turned down as it was too loud on the previous model.
  7. Never mind about a few stone chips,many years ago I was stuck behind a lorry with a house brick wedged between two of his rear tyres. I was behind him doing 60mph,its only when we slowed to a stop that I saw the brick. Now THAT would have caused a stone chip,if it had broken free.
  8. I have a 2013 Auris Icon 1.6 petrol automatic. - CVT drone/whine/roar - how bad is it to live with (especially hills & motorways)? Rubbish,my CVT is quiet,the only time it makes itself heard is under hard acceleration,at 70mph ,nothing. - Wind and road noise - bad or not? Bit of tyre noise which varies with road surfaces,no wind noise. - Steering - over-light and no feedback, or easy and precise? Nonsense,can't find a problem with it. - Body roll - significant or not? What?never had a problem (its a bog standard hatch NOT a "hot" hatch"). - Seat comfort - anything to worry about (e.g. on l
  9. Nothing will stop stone chips !!! Its a combination of water based paint and the paint applied with just enough density to cover bare metal. I chose a black car because these type of marks are covered up with touch up and you can hardly see them. Some colours don't work so well. As I have said before just touch them up and when they become really objectionable respray the bonnet. We all love our cars and want to look after them but stone chips are beyond our control so for that reason have to be lived with.
  10. Blimey,I would be slamming more than the door !! Sorry I can't help you,it sounds a nightmare.
  11. When I bought my Auris the salesman said "would I like sat nat installed"? I asked "how much"? He replied "£620". Guess what I said. I'll stick with my TomTom,free updates for life,speed camera updates,I just have to plug into my computer plus text to speech. Plus I have Brian Blessed giving me a chuckle as well. Beat that Toyota. An old work mate visited my house for the first time in his top of the range VW Tiguan. I gave him the full post code,his sat nav took him two streets away. My Tom Tom takes me straight to my front door and I haven't even entered my house number.
  12. Is there wiggle room between the plug and the hole? If there is you might be able to get some thin metal (think feeler gauge) and try getting down the side of the plug to manipulate the metal springs.
  13. Try another dearer,the one you tried should be reported to Toyota. I had the same thing happen,my Tom Tom plug would not budge (worked fine in previous car). The service manager was great,he took the car to the workshop and 20mins later job done,plug removed. This is the best bit........NO CHARGE.
  14. It was a Sainsbury's bag,that might have been my mistake.
  15. I would have thought walking into a dealer with £18000 of readies and no px would warrant more than a couple of bits of carpet. Or am I just showing my age :-))
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