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  1. Anyone want to buy a used Lindop Toyota Tuning Box? Fitted to my car for around 6months and ended up selling the car. Warranty up until around mid June 2016, and purchased through John at Lindop Toyota (parts-king) Comes complete with wiring harness and instructions. £225 delivered
  2. Hi guys, I have a damaged 2007 Auris T180 I need a genuine and complete front bumper with fogs and everything and I'm struggling! I also need a scuttle panel and a front N/S exterior door cap (just the small rear piece) ..... Also I would like the Toyota Motorsport rear spoiler. If anyone could help/point me in the right direction that would be great thanks. I try eBay/gumtree on a daily basis. Thanks
  3. Anyone know where I can find one?
  4. Thanks again, I found that but it doesn't exactly state whether it was model specific or anything. I'm going to try ringing toyota tomorrow and hopefully get some joy from them. That link you posted is the only one on the web I could find relating to auris inertia which gave me the impression that there mustn't be one but seems a bit of a grey area ... Must get a common as dogs muck car next time!! I will keep yous posted with any joy I have. Thanks again
  5. Could it have anything to do with the aux belt?
  6. Thanks for that, you couldn't point me in the right direction to finding further information about this, could you?
  7. Hey guys, Hoping yous can help here! I have just bought a damaged 07 2.2D-cat T180 Auris. Loads of fuel in, turns over fine, fuel filter is full of diesel but will not fire unless you spray easy start into the mani. Car is still damaged and airbags are deployed. Is there some sort of fuel cut off switch of which is activated in event if an accident? The auxiliary belt is snapped but I don't think this will be causing any issues just to get the thing started. Also any front end parts would be considered for repair. Thanks in advance, Paul
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