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  1. Hi Crofter, Thanks, that answers my question, only one reservoir. The reason I feel it needs changing is: I haven"t a clue when it was last done and as the car is getting on for 18 years old I thought it might never have been done before. Also it might help the usual difficulty in first gear selection. All I need now is someone to tell me how to do it or should I leave it to the professionals? I believe there is a Self Bleeding Kit I can buy, so does this do away with the scrambling underneath the car undoing every brake bleed nipple because I am just too old to do that. thanks
  2. I am an absolute idiot when it comes to the mechanical side of cars, so please help me! I want to drain the Clutch fluid and replace with new, but I don"t have a clue how to do it. I"ve been told that the clutch fluid comes from the Brake reservoir, but others say there"s a separate reservoir for my model Rav which is a 1998 . Engine code 3S-FE 16v Body code SXA10 Engine number 3S24161**. Can someone please clarify it for me and tell me how I go about it. cheers
  3. Hi all, I have a 1998 Rav4.1. engine number 3S24....., engine code 3S-FE, body code SXA10.I have previously placed a thread on the web page regarding the Hesitancy and Missing when in low revs, so what I want to know is:: Is it possible to carry out a Diagnostic Test on this model RAV? Does my RAV have the correct plug which the tester can use to plug in their equipment? As I am medically unable to carry out any checks myself I thought a diagnostic test would be the cheapest and quickest way of finding out what the heck is wrong with my RAV. Cheers
  4. Hi Del, The plugs I took off do seem to be a lightish brown colour. Am I right in saying that the correct plugs for this model RAV4.1 are NGK BKR6EKB-11 which have the twin electrodes? I will take the Air Filter out as soon as it stops raining and give it a run out. Will let you know if it makes any difference. Hi Colin, I will check the gaskets and clean the plug caps. Thanks both for the advice.
  5. Hi all, Because I am physically unable to do so, a few months ago I had my brilliant 1998 RAV4.1 with the 2L petrol engine serviced by a local one band mechanic who came highly recommended by my local MOT station. Unfortunately since he serviced it I have noticed the car is hesitant and stutters when in any gear at low revs, so this week I decided to change the plugs. The mechanic had used NGK BKR6EYA-11 single electrode plugs, but I was told this engine uses NGK BKR6EKB-11 twin electrode plugs and these are the ones I fitted this week, but on test driving the car it seems to stutter and
  6. Hi Devon Aygo, Thanks for the info. I am not questioning your knowledge, but the DENSO PK20TR11 is the correct plug for my 1998 RAV-4 GX. 3 door manual. Engine number 3S2416161 ? CHEERS
  7. Hi Graunch, Thanks for that
  8. Yes, I would under normal circumstances do that, but as he has now moved and lives over 100 miles away and I do not have his phone number, that"s a no no.
  9. Hi all, You"ve probably been asked this hundreds of times. I had my 1998 Toyota RAV4 GX 3 door serviced last year by a local mechanic working from his house. Since then she doesn"t seem to run as smoothly as she did and the mpg is down a bit. It sometimes feels hesitant and doesn"t pull as well as she used to,so I was wondering whether he fitted the correct plugs because I have been reading about this and the Plugs you use do make a big difference. So what PLUGS should I use? Thanks.
  10. Hi all, I have 2 very nice Cibie Oscar spotlights which I want to fit to my 1998 Rav4 3 door. Where can I get the proper brackets to fit them? or is it better to fit them to a Roof bar and if so has anyone a Roof bar I can buy? I would really like to make my own brackets but I am not sure where and how to fit them. Does anyone have a plans on how to make the brackets? Any help, advice really appreciated. Merry Christmas everybody.
  11. Hi all, I have put a few threads on here recently concerning the problem I have been having turning on the ignition in my Rav4.1. The problem being a worn or broken Ignition barrel. This week I booked it into the local Toyota dealers after they had ordered me a new Ignition Barrel only to find out when I got there that the barrel they ordered was for a model without the immobiliser. So they told me a new Ignition switch/barrel for my car would cost in the region of £350 to £400 fitted. On the way home I called into an Auto Locksmith called Complete Security in Holbury near Southampton where th
  12. Hi, Just returned home from a wasted journey to Snows, Toyota dealers in Southampton. I rang them a few days ago to arrange for them to fit a new Ignition barrel for which they quoted me approx £120 +vat which included the labour charges. I arrived at the agreed time this morning only to find out that the barrel they ordered does not fit my car because my car has a toyota factory fitted immobiliser, and they now tell me that the barrel I require only comes in a kit which includes the complete switch and will cost £290+vat + labour, but it has to come from Belgium!!! On my way home from there I
  13. Hi all, For anyone with a similar problem, there is a brilliant video on RAV4 World by JuneBug which explains clearly how to get the transponder out of the oroginal key. I have just spent 10 to 15 minutes carefully slicing open the rubber fob abd taking out the transponder which I then put into the new key which I had cut by an Auto Locksmith. The new key has a plastic holder inside the fob which can accomodate many types of transponder chip. I have just tried it in the car and it works. Result.
  14. I have just had a new key cut for my Rav 4.1 by an Auto Locksmith. What I need to know is: The Locksmith chap told me that I will need to put the micro chip from one of my old keys into the new key which has a split fob for that purpose. BUT, how the heck do I get the micro chip out of one of my old keys without damaging it because the fobs on my old keys do not split open? I dont mind vandalising one of the old keys as long as I dont damage the micro chip. Any ideas Please?
  15. I might have a result. This afternoon I phoned my local Toyota dealer ie:Snows of Southampton and spoke to a really genned up guy in their parts department. He told me that the problem could be the key and advised to have a new one cut, he even went as far as looking up the key number for me. Brilliant, thanks mate. Well I later called a company, Complete Security of Holbury near Southampton and they told me to pop along and they would cut me a new key, which I did £19.99 Bargain. Well, this key works a treat as long as I hold the old key as close as I can to the ignition switch before putting
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