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  1. Hi Crofter, Thanks, that answers my question, only one reservoir. The reason I feel it needs changing is: I haven"t a clue when it was last done and as the car is getting on for 18 years old I thought it might never have been done before. Also it might help the usual difficulty in first gear selection. All I need now is someone to tell me how to do it or should I leave it to the professionals? I believe there is a Self Bleeding Kit I can buy, so does this do away with the scrambling underneath the car undoing every brake bleed nipple because I am just too old to do that. thanks again
  2. I am an absolute idiot when it comes to the mechanical side of cars, so please help me! I want to drain the Clutch fluid and replace with new, but I don"t have a clue how to do it. I"ve been told that the clutch fluid comes from the Brake reservoir, but others say there"s a separate reservoir for my model Rav which is a 1998 . Engine code 3S-FE 16v Body code SXA10 Engine number 3S24161**. Can someone please clarify it for me and tell me how I go about it. cheers
  3. Hi all, I have a 1998 Rav4.1. engine number 3S24....., engine code 3S-FE, body code SXA10.I have previously placed a thread on the web page regarding the Hesitancy and Missing when in low revs, so what I want to know is:: Is it possible to carry out a Diagnostic Test on this model RAV? Does my RAV have the correct plug which the tester can use to plug in their equipment? As I am medically unable to carry out any checks myself I thought a diagnostic test would be the cheapest and quickest way of finding out what the heck is wrong with my RAV. Cheers
  4. Hi Del, The plugs I took off do seem to be a lightish brown colour. Am I right in saying that the correct plugs for this model RAV4.1 are NGK BKR6EKB-11 which have the twin electrodes? I will take the Air Filter out as soon as it stops raining and give it a run out. Will let you know if it makes any difference. Hi Colin, I will check the gaskets and clean the plug caps. Thanks both for the advice.
  5. Hi all, Because I am physically unable to do so, a few months ago I had my brilliant 1998 RAV4.1 with the 2L petrol engine serviced by a local one band mechanic who came highly recommended by my local MOT station. Unfortunately since he serviced it I have noticed the car is hesitant and stutters when in any gear at low revs, so this week I decided to change the plugs. The mechanic had used NGK BKR6EYA-11 single electrode plugs, but I was told this engine uses NGK BKR6EKB-11 twin electrode plugs and these are the ones I fitted this week, but on test driving the car it seems to stutter and be more hesitant than it did before fitted these plugs. The old plugs I took out had quite a bit of oil around top of the thread and when I fitted the new plugs I didn"t over tighten them. Maybe I haven"t tightened them enough???? or could it be something else. Any help or advice would be really welcome. Thanks
  6. Hi Devon Aygo, Thanks for the info. I am not questioning your knowledge, but the DENSO PK20TR11 is the correct plug for my 1998 RAV-4 GX. 3 door manual. Engine number 3S2416161 ? CHEERS
  7. Hi Graunch, Thanks for that
  8. Yes, I would under normal circumstances do that, but as he has now moved and lives over 100 miles away and I do not have his phone number, that"s a no no.
  9. Hi all, You"ve probably been asked this hundreds of times. I had my 1998 Toyota RAV4 GX 3 door serviced last year by a local mechanic working from his house. Since then she doesn"t seem to run as smoothly as she did and the mpg is down a bit. It sometimes feels hesitant and doesn"t pull as well as she used to,so I was wondering whether he fitted the correct plugs because I have been reading about this and the Plugs you use do make a big difference. So what PLUGS should I use? Thanks.
  10. Hi all, I have 2 very nice Cibie Oscar spotlights which I want to fit to my 1998 Rav4 3 door. Where can I get the proper brackets to fit them? or is it better to fit them to a Roof bar and if so has anyone a Roof bar I can buy? I would really like to make my own brackets but I am not sure where and how to fit them. Does anyone have a plans on how to make the brackets? Any help, advice really appreciated. Merry Christmas everybody.
  11. Hi all, I have put a few threads on here recently concerning the problem I have been having turning on the ignition in my Rav4.1. The problem being a worn or broken Ignition barrel. This week I booked it into the local Toyota dealers after they had ordered me a new Ignition Barrel only to find out when I got there that the barrel they ordered was for a model without the immobiliser. So they told me a new Ignition switch/barrel for my car would cost in the region of £350 to £400 fitted. On the way home I called into an Auto Locksmith called Complete Security in Holbury near Southampton where they told me they could recondition the existing ignition barrel. I removed the barrel yesterday and took it to them in my Wife"s Smart car and today they rang to tell me the job was done. I went to collect it and came home and fitted it to the Rav....PERFECT..... All the keys work perfectly. And how much did it cost????? £20... Yes, just twenty quid, so now I have the original keys which fit the door and start the car PERFECTLY. In my book that makes perfect sense. I saved over £300 cheers
  12. Hi, Just returned home from a wasted journey to Snows, Toyota dealers in Southampton. I rang them a few days ago to arrange for them to fit a new Ignition barrel for which they quoted me approx £120 +vat which included the labour charges. I arrived at the agreed time this morning only to find out that the barrel they ordered does not fit my car because my car has a toyota factory fitted immobiliser, and they now tell me that the barrel I require only comes in a kit which includes the complete switch and will cost £290+vat + labour, but it has to come from Belgium!!! On my way home from there I called into an Auto Locksmith who told me he could rebuild the barrel for approx £20.00 if I took it off first. So, the help I need is. IS IT POSSIBLE TO REPAIR THE BARREL AS HE SAID AND SECONDLY, HOW DO I REMOVE IT???? My Haynes manual tells me that I have to remove the whole of the front facia including the steering wheel, but the mechanic at the Toyota dealer took the old one out and put the old one back in in approx 15 mins(Unfortunately I did not see how he did it) Please, I am desperate because I cant use the car without getting this problem sorted, so any help or advice would be so very much appreciated.
  13. Hi all, For anyone with a similar problem, there is a brilliant video on RAV4 World by JuneBug which explains clearly how to get the transponder out of the oroginal key. I have just spent 10 to 15 minutes carefully slicing open the rubber fob abd taking out the transponder which I then put into the new key which I had cut by an Auto Locksmith. The new key has a plastic holder inside the fob which can accomodate many types of transponder chip. I have just tried it in the car and it works. Result.
  14. I have just had a new key cut for my Rav 4.1 by an Auto Locksmith. What I need to know is: The Locksmith chap told me that I will need to put the micro chip from one of my old keys into the new key which has a split fob for that purpose. BUT, how the heck do I get the micro chip out of one of my old keys without damaging it because the fobs on my old keys do not split open? I dont mind vandalising one of the old keys as long as I dont damage the micro chip. Any ideas Please?
  15. I might have a result. This afternoon I phoned my local Toyota dealer ie:Snows of Southampton and spoke to a really genned up guy in their parts department. He told me that the problem could be the key and advised to have a new one cut, he even went as far as looking up the key number for me. Brilliant, thanks mate. Well I later called a company, Complete Security of Holbury near Southampton and they told me to pop along and they would cut me a new key, which I did £19.99 Bargain. Well, this key works a treat as long as I hold the old key as close as I can to the ignition switch before putting the new key in the ignition. The really helpful guy at Complete Security told me that the original key has something inside(I forget what it is called) which can be transferred to the new key he cut. Now my question is, how do I get into the key to get this whatever it is out?? I have 2 original keys so I don"t mind vandalising one of them. Will it work if I can get the whats it out? help please
  16. Help. Where can I get another ignitioin switch barrel from? I"ve been looking on the internet for hours and bar for brand new ones from a Toyota dealer I cannot find one for sale anywhere. Is it correct that if I fit the ECU and Barrel from a donor car it should work? and also someone else told me that a Locksmith would be able to adjust the tumblers on a new barrel to suit my old keys. Does anyone know if this is right? any ideas? cheers
  17. Hi all, Thanks for the replies. If I fit a new barrel, where would I have to get it programmed and roughly how much would it cost? By fitting a new barrel that would mean that I would now have to have two seperate keys, one to open the car because my C/L is inoperative and another to start the car! Is there no way the original barrel could be repaired? I read somewhere that spraying WD40 into the barrel sometimes helps so I will try that first. cheers
  18. Hi all, Having a problem with my ignition switch, can anyone please advise. When I place the ignition key into the ignition switch sometimes it will not turn and I have to pull the key out, put it in again and if it won"t turn on pull it out again and try again and again until it turns. It can sometime taken 6 or more tries before it will actually turn. I have tried my other key and that does exactly the same, so it looks like the problem is the switch. I don"t really want to change the switch because it would mean having 2 keys, one to open the car and one to turn the ignition on, so, is this a common fault and if so what can I do about it. If not it looks like a new switch. Is it pretty easy to change the switch and what tools would I need. Help please
  19. This is my little beauty. A 1998 4.1, 3 door in immaculate condition inside and out. She"s been off the road all summer because I bought a little Smart car so my Wife and I could visit some far off places we haven"t been to in years and in doing that I was averaging 60+mpg. I wish my Rav could do that! I might change the Rav for a Diesel next year, but it will have to be an Automatic as I just love driving automatics. Cheers all
  20. Hi again, Thanks for all the advice but in the end I had to remove the Front Headlight unit and then it was simply a matter of pressing together the 2 plastic prongs at the bottom of the Parking light plug as I turned it anticlockwise and hey presto it was done. Thanks again all David
  21. Hi Tom, My Headlight unit doesn"t really match either of those. I have attached a photo taken from above and the Parking light is the Grey plug next to the Mainbeam plug. cheers
  22. Hi, thanks for the replies bit I"m afraid they didn"t help because they refer to the newer Rav. Mine is an earlier Rav where the parking light is part of the Headlight unit and it looks like the parking light bulb fitment sticks out of the back of the headlight unit. At the back of the parking light fitment there seem to be 2 prongs and I"m not sure what these are for. Do I press them together or push them apart when trying to remove the fitment!!
  23. Hi all, My 1998 RAV4.1 is due for an MOT tomorrow morning and checking the bulbs my Passenger side front side light seems to be blown. Now I have tried for an hour or so and I just can"t puzzle out how to get the bulb holder out to change the bulb. Do I have to remove the whole Light assembly or can it be done from under the bonnet which is how I have been trying to do it(Unsuccessfully). Please help me if anyone knows, and I"m sure there are some of you who do know. It"s a 1998 Mark 1 which has the sidelights in the Headlight assembly and not in the same assembly as the indicators as on the later models. cheers
  24. Hi All, With the onset of winter I thought I might try to Waterproof the engine bay on my 1998 RAV4.1 Petrol engine. Last year I did have to negotiate some deep floods in January and I was concerned the water might somehow get in to the engine. So any ideas, thoughts on the best and Cheapest way of making sure my little 3 door Rav stays nice and dry this winter. I thought I would liberally spray all the electric connections etc under the bonnet with WD40 or something similar. I don"t want or need to fit a Snorkel so is there anything else I need to do to make sure no water gets into the engine. I don"t intend taking the Rav for a swim, but just in case I come across the deep water that was around last year I want to be prepared. Cheers all. Got my fingers crossed as she"s having her MOT next week!.
  25. Yes folks, today I received Divine Intervention. This morning, Debit card in pocket I drove 25 miles to Poole in Dorset to part exchange my 1998 Toyota Rav 4, 3 door in Red for a drab dark green Landrover Freelander.The deal was nearly done and dusted, prices exchanged and agreed, test drive taken when suddenly a bolt of lightening shot across the dark cloudy sky shaking my inner senses. I looked at the Rav which is so reliable, comfortable, good looking and a pleasure to drive and then I looked at the Freelander, of which I have already owned 3. I remembered the water leaks through the back window and the sunroof, I remembered the electricals faults they all suffered from. I remembered the trouble and expense I had replacing the IRD unit on my second one and I remembered what an idiot I had been buying 3 of them in the first place. I thanked the Car sales chap, told him I would think it over and walked away. Thank godness I did. So for the foreseeable future I will still be adding a few more topics to the forum. CHEERS
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