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  1. Thanks Sid, I’ll give that go tomorrow. Bod
  2. Thanks gents. What does that mean? The stick needs to be FAT32 or the music files?
  3. Hi guys, I need a little help please. I’ve got a USB stick with music on it that I use in my Lexus. I have made another one (identical) for my Father in Law for his 2017 Rav Hybrid. It won’t work at all but it does seem to get hot. The USB option on the screen is greyed out as is the iPod option. Both the sticks work in my 2015 Lexus. Any ideas welcome. Thanks Bod
  4. I still have this for sale if anyone is after one.
  5. Hope this ok to put here. I’ve listed a brand new genuine Toyota dog guard and divider in the ‘For Sale’ section. Thanks Bod
  6. Well I said I’d report back so here we go. I got a nice email back from the previous owner to say that he handed everything over to The Car Shop when he traded the car in. After a long battle they where quite forthright in their last email to say that they were done with this matter and not to contact them again about it. They then put a block on our emails. So the upshot is that somewhere in the Car Shop empire is a spare GT86 key fob and a Sigma Alarms booklet with our security code on it. That leaves us with two possible options. First we could put it in the hands of our Toyota dealer o supply us a new fob and code it, followed by resetting the Sigma code. Possible cost of around £350+. Second, (and this is where you guys can maybe advise me if it’s possible) source a second hand fob and possibly code it myself using the dark magic of 2 pushes of this, 4 presses of that, do a funny dance etc etc. Once that is done I’ll have two working fobs which then enables me to reset the Sigma code. Any help appreciated. Thanks Bod
  7. Well I have run it round the patio but it’s a bit fast for a small area and it’s difficult not to bump into things. I just built it for the fun of building it really and to have another model of my car. GT86 is next🤘The shell has already arrived.
  8. I only bought it because the MR2 shell has to sit on a Tamiya M-06 chassis which has 3 wheelbase settings. Obviously the kit comes with the Beetle shell but that requires the chassis to be built on the longest wheelbase. The MR2 requires the shortest wheelbase settings so the shells are not interchangeable. I only built the Beetle shell as a practice exercise but now I have no use for it. It’s now just a shed ornament.
  9. I’ve already built it mate and I’m not sure how well it will post or even if it’s the colour you’d like.
  10. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now. Got myself a 1/10th scale Tamiya VW Beetle with an M06 chassis with sole intention of putting a Mk1 shell on it to match my own car. Here’s the pictures of what it’s all about
  11. We have tracked down the previous owners name and address. A letter will be sent this week. Watch this space.
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