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  1. Phew, great stuff. Any idea why the rear windscreen doesnt spray? It did at first though now appears not to be working. Is this a common fault?
  2. Hi There, Im new to both this forum and Toyota ownership. I was hoping to get seasoned Avensis owners opinions on what I should do with my car. I got (hopefully) a good price on a '56 plate Avensis t3x 1.8L. I guess I was hoping for some general advice. I've checked toyotas website to ensure that no recalls are outstanding and all seams rosey on that front. Im a little bit nervous about the cam belt (or chain?) on this car though and the head gasket. Does the Avensis need a belt (chain?) change at 70k or will it plough on for longer? Are there head gasket issues with this car? Thanks in advanc
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