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  1. I’ve actually found that as a few thousand miles have gone on, they seemed to have gone a little quieter to my ear. Used to really bug me but maybe I’m used to it. it wasn’t so much the level but the lower frequency that rattled my brain!
  2. As others have said the 1.8 is perfectly adequate for all types of journey and it is more efficient than the 2.0 in overall terms ...but the 2.0 gets my vote for a few reasons. The main reason is that because there’s more power, there’s more of a feeling of effortlessness in the driving. The revs rarely will go above 2500 in normal driving and it settles to 1500 -2000 on the motorway. Plus the ‘rubber band’ effect is a bit more pronounced in the 1.8 too - even though it’s much improved. The 2.0 seems to have ‘fixed’ points in the Rev range rather than just revving up when you put your foot down. Indeed, it will only go above 4000 when you really floor it. So it’s quieter for more of the time. I really like the paddle shifters as they allow a bit more control over the drive, I mainly use them for adjusting the engine braking effect but they can be used when driving across country with limited effect but to me it makes the drive a little more involving and less one dimensional than not having them. Lastly the power is probably going to be appreciated when loaded up with clobber and family stuff. As for fuel efficiency mine has improved more than I thought it would now warm weather is here. The trip say 56.5 for this month and 58.4 on the tank which is mainly around town but been on the motorway a bit recently too. The 1.8 would beat this though I’m sure. Hope this helps.
  3. Mine also is smoother overall. Esp. when transitioning from petrol to battery power.
  4. Trip to the Trafford Centre today, filled up when left the house and the tank average is now 59mpg .. 60.4 on way and 59.6 on way back. Drove normally at all the posted speed limits so not going slow on purpose .. Pretty impressive - these hybrids start really been run in around 4/5k miles.
  5. I had a Corolla Verso T180 in 2006 and that only averaged about 35mpg which was reasonable at the time plus it was quite dirty on emissions by today’s standards. I know my car is lower than that but similar weight and power, better performance plus auto transmission mean that mpg now in the 50s represents good progress in my eyes - I love that on all my journeys so far I’ve driven over half on battery alone thus cutting emissions further. Diesel to me seems old tech these days and the hybrids are getting better all the time.
  6. No I know but it will give an idea about size of the problem. They’ve advised me to go to my dealer and report back so I suggest everyone with this issue does the same.
  7. My 2.0 Excel is doing 54 mpg on the tank at the mo .. about the same for the month so much better than in the winter!
  8. It seems to be a known thing, it’s on reddit ... spotted mine this morning .. Two small ‘cracks’ appear on either side of the controls, I’ve messaged Toyota GB and they say talk to the dealer. I’ll try but I can’t imagine they’re gonna be very bothered so I suggest we all look and comment or post pics on here.
  9. If the cruise is set and you stop then if you push the ‘resume’ button it’ll take off back to the original setting. I did it in traffic the other day - set at 30, braked to a stop, then pushed the button and off it went.
  10. Morning, I asked my dealer yesterday and was told October but that could be pushed back .. I hope it lands then as my car is due for a service in November. I actually don’t really have any problems with the infotainment system really, I don’t know why so many people are getting upset over it. It’s not the best but it works fine - it’ll be tons better with CarPlay though I agree.
  11. Afternoon, how can I install the other apps from my purchases? I have loads in purchases but can’t work out how to put them onto the system. plus I don’t have a PC so a USB stick is a problem. I must be missing something! thanks Ian.
  12. I ran a 2005 Corolla 1.4 for 120000 miles on top of the 35000 I had on when I bought it. My advice would be services on the dot every 10k and follow the schedule to the letter. Plus v power fuel also made it run better. If never used a drop of oil and consumption stayed at around 40 mpg. Still original clutch too.
  13. Yeah even on eBay they’re over £600 each for used ones!