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  1. If you hold the handbrake button down for several seconds it’ll turn off the auto handbrake when in park.
  2. It’s not - the biggest difference is width. It’s comfortable in the Corolla for 2 people well under 6ft 😄 compared to my 2005 Corolla, the length is within an inch or two... it’s the height from floor to roof. No deep at all - feels several inches less it’s much lower than my old model Yaris which had a good shape.
  3. It’s made worse on the Excel because of the chunky seats .. I’m 5”10 and I can just sit behind myself but it’s almost impossible get in without banging the head!
  4. Greetings! As a 2.0 Excel owner (hatch) I can offer some insight I think as I’ve driven a few Prius’ when I was at Toyota including the plug in. They actually drive quite similar in overall feel but the Excel hatch is the firmest of them all as it’s got a shorter wheelbase and the big rims. I find the ride quite firm but not uncomfortable, it’s well controlled but the stroke of the suspension feels quite a lot shorter so over bumpy roads it can feel pretty firm. It might take a bit of getting used to as the plug in Prius with it’s much smaller wheels feels a lot more forgiving.
  5. shufman

    Road Noise

    Morning, Road noise is one of my bugbears and when I got my Excel I thought and still think there’s a bit too much of it on rougher surfaces. The Excel does have acoustic side glass and it’s pretty effective at blocking out noise outside, also the Excel has different wheel linings than other specs designed to minimise noise from the road (stones etc. ) and this works well in my experience. I’ve thought about changing the tyres and I probably will switch to Michelin’s when mine get a bit more worn, I can’t imagine that it will make that much difference overall though - it’s more
  6. Mine is always the NSF sensor me t to the reg plate. If you spray it the warning goes away .. strange, but I’ve not had a car with these sensors on before so might be normal!
  7. Did it happen in the rain? One of mine always goes funny in heavy rain or spray conditions. Needs a clean so spray with a power wash or even a spray water bottle and you should be ok.
  8. Hi there, I used to work in a Toyota dealership and I can confirm that in the UK only the 2.0 has under bonnet soundproofing and the 1.8 does not. Don’t know why. hope this helps. ian
  9. That would be nice though! And still get 50 mpg 😄
  10. Nope. 0-30 mph 😊 ... 0-60 was 8.5 secs. sorry! Early morning. ...
  11. Hi, Autocar road tested the 2.0 wagon last year and 0-60 was quoted as 3.3 seconds. They test with 2 people on board and a full tank of fuel.
  12. Hi mate, I’m afraid that display is on the GR Sport only. I know this as I have an Excel and it’s digital or analog only.
  13. shufman


    According to Autocar road test of the wagon it’s 3.3 😊
  14. I’ve actually found that as a few thousand miles have gone on, they seemed to have gone a little quieter to my ear. Used to really bug me but maybe I’m used to it. it wasn’t so much the level but the lower frequency that rattled my brain!
  15. As others have said the 1.8 is perfectly adequate for all types of journey and it is more efficient than the 2.0 in overall terms ...but the 2.0 gets my vote for a few reasons. The main reason is that because there’s more power, there’s more of a feeling of effortlessness in the driving. The revs rarely will go above 2500 in normal driving and it settles to 1500 -2000 on the motorway. Plus the ‘rubber band’ effect is a bit more pronounced in the 1.8 too - even though it’s much improved. The 2.0 seems to have ‘fixed’ points in the Rev range rather than just revving up when you put you
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