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  1. hi all im looking at getting an induction kit for my 03 plate celica 140 the car came with a k&n panel filler but want a proper induction kit any suggestions on type and where best place to get one from thanks sam
  2. ok thanks ill have to drain what i put in out when i get some time wont do any harm for know
  3. i recently service the car and when buying servicing material i was given 10w 40 as that what it said in his manual but i keep hearin 5w 30 bein mentioned oil the grades are just temperatures as in work better in cold or hotter climates sam
  4. is any one from here attending this ?
  5. hi as scotty said above best way is to go on a comparison site im 24 two years no claim clean driving licence i have a gen 7 140 bhp cost me around 78 a month
  6. hi just qucik question about gen 7 140 bhp if you fill over the lower mark on the water tank and then after awhile that water will dissaper leaving only a small amount of water in the bottom the car does not over heat runs fine, it has recently had a new rad so could it be not bled out properly ? any one had the same problem or any suggestions thanks sam
  7. Hi I have 03 plate gen 7 celica with 18 on 215 - 35 - r18 what would you recommend tyre pressure
  8. brilliant thanks the cars had after market wheels so know problem there and recent radiator and new clutch so looking good thanks again
  9. looking at buying celica vvti 140 on a 03 plate is there any issue's slash common fault to look for when buying the car as keep here oil burning problem etc thanks
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