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  1. hi guys ,anyone been using Carlube 0w20 engine oil on their prius gen3? any good? thanx http://www.carlube.co.uk/triple-r/carlube-triple-r-0w20-fully-synthetic?highlight=WyIwdzIwIl0=
  2. Registered in january 2010 Gen3 tspirit model ,no dab radio.yes i have extended warranty but doesn't cover this type of problems. Toyota garage told me they have no idea what it can be ..
  3. I hope you can help guys, Prius 2010 UK model, rattle noise coming from the dashboard between the speaker grill and the A shaped trim/glass window driver side (UK model) every time I accelerate,is there constantly all the time, is driving crazy, 9 hours a day in the car most of the week and this !Removed! annoying rattle.can't stant it anymore. Help me please A short video of the problem
  4. Were can I find the recalls list for the gen3? What about the oil? Does really make that difference ?thanx
  5. Were can I find more info regarding Grumpy cabbie problem and solution? Thanx
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