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  1. Thanks, I think I will get it
  2. Hi, Anyone have Nextbase 380GW + 380WX Toyota integrated dashcam fitted in their RAV4? Would be great to hear your review/experience with the product? I have a RAV4 ordered which hopefully coming in the next weeks and considering dashcam. How is it compare to the product such as NextBase 622 or others? Regards, Eko
  3. Thanks guys, glad to hear it's only affecting US models
  4. Hi All, I've placed an order for a RAV4 Excel 2WD and it's due to be delivered in one or two weeks (the car is already in Portbury). I've found a lot of discussion regarding refuelling/fuel tank problem in RAV4, but mainly in the US. I've gone through this forum - but didn't find any post regarding this issue in the UK. Is it US models specific or also happened in the UK? Will this be fixed in MY21? Regards, Renzo
  5. do you need to inform the insurance company for retrofitting a cruise control?
  6. Hi Mick, thanks for sharing, sounds like you are getting good MPG on from your Auris TS, that's remove my doubt. However it seems Skoda Octavia still superior in term of Safety with the Post Collision Braking system and Fatigue alert, Adaptive Cruise Control and Front Assist. It seems only Prius has got options to get these safety feature, but not available to Auris, probably to differentiate the product and keeping Prius as the higher end model.
  7. Thanks for your input, I've spoken to my local dealership this morning and told them I wanted to have test drive in both, unfortunately the don't have demonstrator until sometime in January. As to why we would like an estate, it's just we have two children and would like to use the car for occasional holiday/long trip, but don't have any requirement to haul trailer or bring heavy load.
  8. Hi there, I am a new member, I am considering buying an Auris Sport Touring, but still cannot really decided whether to buy the HSD or the 1.4 Manual Diesel engine. This is for my wife, she commutes 62 miles a day from Watford to Huntingdon which consist of approximately 5 miles city/B road driving, 30 miles motorway (M1), 27 miles of A road (A421 and A1). I have searched the forum and read most of the discussions about hybrid engine fuel economics on motorway which has given me some insight about what to expect from the HSD engine ( I would guess around 50-55 mpg in real world with the trip p
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