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  1. jgodfrey

    Beep beep

    Had something similar on my Auris. It was a random momentary beep. Turned out it was a failing boot lock mechanism, and the car occasionally thought the boot was open, happened over bumps or uneven roads. Eventually it got worse and I couldn't lock the car. When it happens glance down to see if a boot or door open message is shown on the dash. It was a very fleeting message on mine.
  2. My 2011 hybrid also had a water leak through the passenger side light cluster and this was fixed 2 years ago under warranty. In September I was noticing condensation in the car again and checked the boot to find 50mm of water pooled beneath the spare wheel. I thought to myself at the time that it couldn't be great to have all those electrics in there and water ponded in the boot. When I investigated it further I found that one of the rubber grommets wasn't sealed properly so I drained the water and resealed it. The water hasnt come back but for some reason all my cars seem to get water leaks!
  3. I had 5w30 oil put in mine during the last service. It makes a noticeable difference the the mpg compared to the correct oil. Currently seeing a reduction of about 6mpg overall and some hesitation with the engine on cold mornings.
  4. Checked my last service record and it actually says that 5W30 oil was used which is disappointing. I'd like to maintain the full dealer service record so perhaps I need to be more clear in insisting that the correct hybrid oil is used. It would be far easier if all dealers just used the correct oil without having to ask!
  5. Thanks for this info. I'm thinking that there's virtually no profit in these silver and gold services so they are cost cutting where they can and engine oil is an easy, 'invisible' way to do so. As another poster suggested, I've just bought 5L of Petronas 0w20 engine oil and will give this to the garage to use each time it goes in for a service from now on. At least this way I know what spec of oil goes into it, but to be honest I'd rather pay a little extra for them to use the correct oil!
  6. Interesting, I didn't ask before it went in but checked when it was collected. I'm not sure what hybrid oil is, but there can't be much profit in that £100 deal. I can't understand why I've seen such a dramatic drop in mpg since March if it wasn't the oil.
  7. Had a similar experience with my 2011 Auris. After the service in March the mpg has dropped by about 5mpg from 58 in the summer and 52 in winter to 53 and 48 respectively. All other variables remain the same. Had a silver service carried out and they said that they had used 'hybrid oil'. I strongly suspect that 5w30 oil was used. The sercice and mot was done for £100 so my thoughts are that the cheaper oil was used.
  8. Had Crossclimates fitted to my Auris HSD (17" wheels) in March and the ride is significantly better and quieter. The only downside is that I've lost about 4mpg compared to the budget tyres I had on before despite running at the same pressures of 36psi. I'm considering upping them to 38psi as they look a bit flatter on the rims. What pressures is everyone else running them at?
  9. If this is the same noise as was on mine, I found it to be a corroded middle exhaust bracket that had rusted through and was making a metallic rattling noise at low speed. I cut it off and it's nice and quiet now!
  10. I think it does have a switch, but it's not a pressure button like in the doors. It seems like it could be built into the lock servo in the boot lid, at least that's the only place that I can see it might be located.
  11. Yep I checked all the doors. It's definitely not the door switches and the dashboard indicator suggests its the boot that the car thinks is open sadly.
  12. Hi guys I'm having issues locking my 2011 Auris hybrid. The car thinks the boot lid isn't closed when it is, and hence the car won't lock using the remote. I've pulled off the boot lid lock panel and disconnected the cable connection to the lock server which allows it to be locked, but to open it I have to manually release from the inside. This may be unrelated but it's had a recent service and I've cleaned a lot of the white grease out of the mechanism. Does anyone have any ideas what could be wrong? Thanks!
  13. I'd add my + to the Crossclimates. Had some Chinese tyres fitted to the front of my HSD and recently, as they have worn (20k miles), they began losing grip and spinning up very easily. The crossclimates have transformed it; with the ride being smoother, softer and quieter and with the added benefit of cold weather performance. I'll get the same on the back when the Pilot Sport 4's on the back need changing. Just a shame they are £125 a corner!
  14. Sorry to hear you have this problem too. Mine is now cured after replacing the evaporator. The problem started in late autumn / early winter about 3 months after an a/c service. I think it was probably just age related deterioration but this could have been exacerbated by the service or poor maintenance before my ownership. Mine actually got progressively worse before the repair.
  15. My 2011 Auris hybrid has done 65,000 miles and the front pads are apparently 75% worn (3mm remaining) and require new discs (corrosion). I believe they are the originals. The Prius I had before did about 80,000 miles before any work was needed on the brakes. The outer front pads appear to have about 5-6mm remaining and the discs look to be in good condition and hardly worn at all so I suspect its the inner surfaces that are corroded and wearing the pads. If we lived in a hot dry climate I suspect the brakes would last much longer!