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  1. Happy Birthday Garaoke!

  2. I owned a 1995 Celica GT a while back. On that version a similar LED situated just next to the digital clock high in the centre consul was the only indication for the factory fitted alarm system. It was off when the alarm was disabled and on constant (or maybe flashing continually - can't remember) when alarm enabled. On alarm unset (using the fob) it would either go out straight away or flash 1 or more times followed by a long period off then flash the same number of times again so that the number of flashes could be counted. This would then tell the owner what the alarm had experienced wh
  3. Hi everyone. Another newbie joins the fold. I don't actually have a Toyota at the moment but I'm looking for a Celica GT4 ST205 to cherish. I have previously owned a 1984 (yes "D" reg) Carina 1.6 hatchback, and a 1995 Celica GT. Both brilliant reliable cars that did what I expected them to do. Both my wife and I loved the Celica so much but the rapidly growing Old English Sheepdog puppy was starting to get a headache in the boot as he liked to sit up and see where we were. So eventually in 2003 the Celica had to go. Now the dog is no more, I am very excitedly looking for a solid GT4. (we n
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