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  1. I'm no skilled mechanic so I cant be sure of the details. Wings and lower bumper may be bolt on. But You may find you'll have the most work (hassle) between and including the headlights. I just did a quick ebay search "Toyota corolla front panel e11" And the face lift headlight opening are bigger for the separate main beams. As long as you have a donor car then its all possible.
  2. I don't know how to disconnect the alarm. Just to give you some peace but secure it try the following: 1. Press unlock on the alarm fob, 2. open the door to break the circuit (so it doesn't re arm the alarm after 30 or 60 seconds), 3. lock it back using the key and 4. Check doors are locked **there's a small part at the rear of the engine bay that sits vertically and comes into contact with the under side of the bonnet. The top of it looks like the rubber covered button in your door jams for the interior light. If that's damaged/twisted or moved the alarm reads it as bonnets opened illegally.
  3. Hi Marc, I think the only thing you have to check is the size of the spigot. I'm sure someone else is doing this and they said they cant fit wheels till they receive the spigot rings they ordered. Good luck
  4. Unless you're willing to do Pilot holes and use self tappers or drilling plus nuts and bolts. The only other options are expensive find another sr lip or see if the lower part of your bumper can be separated and replace This is what I've previously seen. http://i44.servimg.com/u/f44/16/84/68/98/fogs11.jpg
  5. To be honest it was a guess. That was the only reason I could think of to explain why it doesn't line up. I seen a facelift sr with this style of lip. And it already being silver too. G6R's were red or black. G6's were red, black or blue I think. Hopefully you get a good answer on here.
  6. Could the lip be from a facelift sr instead?
  7. Plus it gave me a chance to wheel wax them a few times over winter.
  8. Are you putting them on prior to winter? I used my old 14's for winter (high side and narrow) and saved my 17's for summer.
  9. Your filter location might not be as far over due to not having the extra pipe section, but if you look at my previous picture you'll see the tie is probably just under a inch from the end. So it may reach your filter. Another idea depending on your kn filter size is to see if it will sit in the bottom half of the original airbox. Or modify a second hand one from a scrap yard. Sorry I can't give a definitive single answer but hopefully you'll pick the bits that suit you and your car best. Good luck Richard k
  10. I used about 3or4 tie wraps (linked together) through the bracket below where the original airbox was secured. I never had the filter come off, even when driving a little enthusiastically. I'm sure there's a better ways, but it solved the problem for me plus I kept the rest of packet in the car just in case. Your engine may get hotter than mine so thicker ties may work better for you.
  11. Thanks, Bags are are a luxury. There are a fair few e12's on here with 30 to40mm drops and 17's with no issues. I replaced part of the exhaust from the cat back with a custom stainless steel system because it was cheaper than Toyota.
  12. Good luck with whatever mods you do but declare all of them. And if a insurance staff member says certain minor mods don't have to be declared. Ask for it in writing and watch them backtrack on it.
  13. Welcome. I'm sure fensport do 40mm springs for yours. I've got a set on old g6. Any excuse to get my G6 out I remember driving to rayvern hydraulics to discuss bags but couldn't bring myself to spend that much.
  14. I must apologise, I just google imaged the e13 and e14. And spotted a red one with lexus rims. My e12 has four stud not five. I forgot that toyota continued the corolla line around the rest of the world and gave us the Auris instead :-(
  15. Others can correct me if I'm wrong. Aren't lexus all five stud pattern? If you're going through the cost and hassle of new wheels, , I'd choose 17's for biggest choice of styles. And 16's if you got bad roads or lowering it alot. E14? What does this look like?
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