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  1. At the risk of repeating myself, the only way wheel arches can be filled without putting the share value of Paracetamol up on the stock market is to lower the iQ. To fill arches with rim and rubber would have created clearance problems, unless you want to go down the heavily modified route and handy with a decent saw and welding gear or glass fibre. You may want to consider a 50mm & not a 30 to get rid of even more airspace between the tyres and bodywork, but of course the ride will be a lot firmer. 'bit like a see-saw really....when it's level, everything's alright, but press down on one end and the other end is directly affected. Personally, I like the rims you've chosen Rob but I know only too well that if the look you want to achieve just hasn't happened or just out of financial reach, then you wouldn't be the first to say enough's enough and walk away.
  2. This link will give you an understanding of springs........http://automotivethinker.com/suspension/linear-vs-progressive-rate-springs/ This link gives you both (1.00 and both 1.3 petrol and the diesel iQ) the Part Nos. for Spax.....http://www.spaxdirect.com/index.php?cPath=348_1810_1811&osCsid=f09fb56c74fc7234915ae12273d596d9 I found that lowering 30mm was fine for negotiating various speed bumps and not too bad for comfort. On some occasions though, the factory front flaps (in front of the front wheels) scraped the road. You can go lower but generally people tend to say the ride is harsher. Obviously though, by fitting wider tyres and especially lower profile tyres, ride comfort is generally harder than factory set up.....and of course, check with your insurer first. When I lowered mine my insurers were fine (ker-ching as per normal) but would have to check if I went lower than 50mm. Lowering is (and only imo) the best way to fill the arches. Just make sure you get the right tyre/rim size combo.
  3. If you've got an iQ 1.33 then don't use the same lowering springs as the 1.00, they're different. Everything's a personal choice so it's up to you which make you go for and the size of your wallet. Someone was selling coil-overs a while ago, me??? I went for progressive Spax, always used them. The 30-35mm drop doesn't give too many clearance problems. Just don't buy springs for a 1.00 though.
  4. One sure way to 'fill' the arches (and imo) is to go down the lowering route Rob. Customising is all about personal choice, and as they say 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Fill the arch with oversize tyres and imo you stand the chance of looking like a tractor or a roller skate because you will be lifting your car up off the ground, although if that's the style you like, then that is your choice. There could be (more than likely/sure bet) clearance issues too. The larger you go in rim size, basically the less sidewall height is 'recommended'. Road holding will improve (especially as after market rims are generally wider than manufacturer's) but the flip side is generally the skinnier the side wall height, the bumpier the ride....all depends want sort of ride you want. There is another site I tried to find for tyre comparison that actually shows the wheel size compared to standard (in picture form) but it's no substitute for the real thing of course. Even with a good comparison site and all the good will in the world of trying to work out various formats, it's not a dead certainty that the computer (or my workings) will come up with result that won't raise problems as I've found out to my cost. Another thing that will affect clearance issues is the offset, and whilst offset causes some people headaches, imo what is important is the clearance/measurement of the inner edge clearing suspension and other parts. Just one final word (honest)....as I 'mailed you, now is a good opportunity to inform other readers/owners who may not be aware that fitting after market rims may affect your insurance. Check with your insurance company/broker before fitting/buying. Failure to do so could and probably will invalidate your insurance and even lead to you being uninsured and having you pride and joy seized.
  5. Extremely good condition for 7 years old; there is a slight lacquer peel and mark on one rim however the outer edges are not kerb'd. The Bridgestone B250 tyres have plenty of tread left (2 with approx 4mm; 2 with approx 5mm). Size; 175/60x16, 82H. I'm looking for £125 cash, buyer to arrange collection. Local delivery in Cornwall, possible :-) Thanks
  6. They look quality too...nice addition
  7. 2015iQ

    Luggage area

    Nope....it's just me and my wife these days so for my lifestyle and needs. The back seat is most certainly not wanted. Given we have a smallholding, I'm always collecting bags of feed etc., for our stock and by taking the back seat out, I can carry more feed etc.,
  8. Have you tried good old e-bay Vincent? https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_sacat=0&_nkw=toyota+iq+breaking&_frs=1
  9. 2015iQ

    MOT and play time

    Hi Mark.........Spax progressive ones. I've had Spax for a previous motor and was happy. I must say though compared to lowering the PT Cruiser I had before, the iQ's handling I can only describe now as 'marvellous' !! Other potential iQ lowering candidates, at the risk of repeating myself; 1) The 1.33 models use the same springs as the Diesel iQs. DO NOT use these springs if you have a 1.0 litre engine as they're different. 2) Notify your insurers about lowering. 3) I bought my springs from D C Perfomance who were very helpful and got good service https://www.dcperformance.co.uk/uprated/spax-lowering-springs/toyota/iq.html
  10. 2015iQ

    MOT and play time

    Hi all.........Just passed MOT with no advisories, plus whilst in the garage, out with old, in with the new springs.
  11. 2015iQ

    Luggage area

    Thanks for the compliments...it's appreciated.
  12. There's a guy on Toyota iQ UK's FaceBook page selling his coilovers; Olliee Wildsmith 1 hr I say goodbye to my IQ on Friday. I will be selling my BC Racing coilovers if there is anyone interested in buying them off me. They are £849 brand new, open to offers. I think he's in the Derby area
  13. I've had cars/Vans lowered before in my time (I'm old these days), and the advice I've followed is buy 'progressive' lowering springs. No doubt like a lot of things, you get what you pay for, and of course some owners recommend one brand above others whilst others have their own particular favourites. I cannot personally comment on the camber as I haven't had mine lowered however, from what I can gather there's no problem with the camber being affected. My own particular insurance company questioned me if I was lowering (a previous car) more than 50mm, but 30-35mm drop doesn't seem to make the ride too harsh, plus with speed bumps etc., here in the UK, the lower you go the more probs with these traffic calming measures. You will note that I have referred to 'insurance' in my previous paragraph......they need to be informed. Some insurance companies don't like mods of any description, whilst others are geared up for it.
  14. Nice car and Happy Birthday :-)