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  1. This video at 45 seconds shows the plastic that making the noise just were is fingers are at the start so i tried this video
  2. Hi Guys My Drivers seat belt is not retracting properly and making like a whistling noise on the shoulder strap part that attaches to the centre post anyone had the same problem. The first thing i did was wash the seat belt in a bowl of water and detergent hoping it would help but it didn't. I know its definitely where the belt that goes thru the plastic that makes the noise and if i pull the seat belt out before its reaches the plastic and let it go it retracts fine, i need to sort it as my Mot is due in Febuary Thanks in Advance
  3. Managed to sort it but manual was no helpfull at all. But now i need to put the passenger side sid bulb back in place as it has moved back put of place but getting my hand in to do it has been impossible as there is a pipe possible airbox pipe in the was has anyone had to unattached it first to get more room ?
  4. Hi guys i notice my number plate light wasnt working so been trying to replace it but i cant get it out as far as i understand you have to push the tabs towards the bulb and pull down but as soon as i pull down the flat head screw driver comes out. I need help please Thanks
  5. Will these fit my yaris mk1 2004 plate the reason i ask is because i measured mine and they measured 20.5 inch and 14inch other side Thanks in Advance eurocarparts Bosch Wiper Blade (Super Plus Universal Wiper Blade Set Sp20/15) ( Front ) Part No.: 485775690
  6. Thanks guys its working again today so intermitent fault somewhere
  7. sorry to bring up an old post but is this an mot failure has mine has stopped working on the front windscreen?
  8. Hi guys i belive my windscreen washer pump has packed in but want to check with you guys it seems the windscreen and boot wiper run off the same fuse from what it shows in the hand book is this correct ? My back wiper and pump works fine but when i try to operate my front wiper there is no sound coming from the pump Also where is the pump located on the mk1 ? Thanks in Advance
  9. Hi chaps whats the correct distance between the clutch pedal and the carpet mine is about 4.5 inches ? I seem to have a lot of travel before clutch engages, is there a way to adjust it and take out some of the play as its causes my car to roll back when i am trying to pull off from junctions hill starts ? Thanks in Advance Sorry i should say its an 04 mk1 1.0 engine
  10. Hi guys just been to see a mk1 yaris clutch travel was just a few inches how many exactly i am not sure it test drove fine should i be concerned ?
  11. Thanks have had to tell seller i am no longer interested as he wants to charge me an extra £50 for him to replace the headlight unit.
  12. Thanks Frosty Balls informative as ever. It says you can replace the lens it self will email dealer see what he says.
  13. Hi guys i have been to see a mk1 T spirit 1.0 i like the car but the headlight is letting in water due to a crack in the headlight but dealer refusing to change it before the sale saying all the usal crap i am getting a bargain but actualy i think i am over paying. Since i havent had a car since december i really want to get back on the road so was thinking of changing the headlight my self its the passenger side just want to check its easy and make sure you dont need to remove bumper or anythink else to fit it. Thanks
  14. Sadly a 3 Door is no good for us